Areaware Icosa Pendant Lamp

Imagination is what makes us, people, different from animals. And my imagination tells me that this beautiful Areaware Icosa Pendant Lamp looks like a starfish. However, not all the people “see” the same things when looking at an art work and they do not imagine the same colour and the same shape – thank God for that. So I was surprised to find out that this lamp was actually inspired from Buckminster Fuller’s  Geodesic dome. How about that? Now that I know this I can see the resemblance, but I also think that this not so important after all. The most important thing is for people that see this lamp to like it and take it into their homes and use it as a lamp – what it was meant for.

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The lamp is very original because of the unusual shape, but also because it is made of felt. This material is not normally meant to be used for lamps, but it has quite nice filtering properties. This allows the cold light of the fluorescent light bulbs turn into a nice and warm light that is more appropriate for a home. The lamp is manufactured by Areaware and you can have it for $160.