Add a touch of light to your library

Mr. Ed is a creation of Roderick Vos. It’s a simple and multifunctional piece and the idea for it came to the designer while he was analyzing his library. At one point, he realized that a series of small lights would be a great addition to the library. The light would showcase the books and would also be very helpful for the readers as well.

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As a result, he came up with the design for Mr. Ed. It’s a light bulb held in place by two vertical pieces with a shape that resembles a book. This way Mr. Ed. Easily integrates into the décor of the library. Moreover, the two book-like shapes that keep the light bulb in place have another very useful function. They allow this piece to be used as a book-end. So whether you use Mr. Ed. In the library, in between books, or in your bedroom on the nightstand, it will also have a double function.

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Mr. Ed. is strong enough to act as a book-end while also serving as a small lamp. It’s a very useful piece for reading corners as well. The lamp/book-end can use any 40-watt bulb. However, an incandescent bulb would be the best choice, mostly because of the warm light it diffuses. The piece is made of cast aluminum and it only comes in black. You can purchase it at the price of 169.00 euros. As you might have figured it out by now, Mr. Ed. got its name after the inventor of the incandescent light bulb, Thomas Edison.