Add a touch of color to your living room with the Cor Ovo Recamiere

The living room is a complex and complicated space. Nevertheless, the basic elements that usually compose a living room’s décor are very simple and easy to adapt by everyone. The sofa is often the central piece. The coffee table adds style and introduces a focal point into the living room but the sofa remains the core element. But there are many different types of sofas.

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A recamiere is a more unusual piece. By definition, a recamiere is a combined seat and reclining furniture. It has no backrest but it has high curves armrests. Named after French writer Julie Recamier, this piece of furniture has suffered many changes over the years. A modern recamiere still maintains the most important characteristics but uses them in a very different type of design. This is the Cor Ovo Recamiere. It doesn’t have a full backrest and it’s more similar to a loveseat or armchair.

The Cor Ovo Recamiere would be a wonderful addition to a modern or contemporary living room. It’s both comfortable and eye-catching. Its purple color makes it stand out while the minimalist design gives it a very distinguished yet casual allure. It’s a piece that adds color and style to a room while also offering comfort. The curved backrest was designed to suit your body beautifully and the modern shape is very attractive. It’s an accent piece that adds more than just beauty and color to an interior décor. It’s a wonderful combination of beauty, comfort and function.