A vintage DIY arrow marquee light

Vintage marquee lights have become quite popular these days. At the same time, they’ve generated all sorts of reproductions. They’re not difficult to make so a DIY project was inevitable in this case. So if you want to make your own, here are the instructions and the list of supplies you’ll be needing for the project.First gather the materials. You’ll need a strand of globe lights, plywood, a 6-inch wide aluminum flashing, a jigsaw, a drill, tin snips, screws, a wire stripper, electrical tape, a screw cap and protective gloves.

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Then start by drawing the arrow shape on the plywood. Make sure the dimensions are right and then cut the shape out with the jigsaw. Then screw in a piece of plywood across the back of the arrow. Decide where you want to bulbs to be and mark the spots. Then drill a hole on each mark.

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The next step is to unscrew the bulbs from the strand of lights and to push the sockets through the holes from the backside. Then, after you have measured the exterior of the arrow, cut a piece of flashing long enough to fit around the outside. Screw it in place and then screw the light bulbs in. Now your project is complete and you have a lovely vintage decoration for your home that wasn’t even that difficult to make.{found on lovelyindeed}.