A modern nursery makeover like no other

It is known that children love patterns, especially big and high-contrast ones. When we think of a nursery, we already picture it, full of patterns and colors. Actually, the one in the picture has proved to be a clever choice, with a limited color palette in order to keep things calm and soothing.

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The space is simple but so pleasant and inviting, joyous and entertaining for children, but if we add some sophisticated elements, adults will also appreciate it. The little space is great, the wallpaper is fun and the result of the transformation is an ideal nursery! A baby boy room was chosen and everything is happy, vibrant in its unique color scheme; the patterns on the walls give a specific look, the black and white images on the wall provide a familiar universe and the crib is beautiful.

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The entire atmosphere is so serene and all the pieces seem to exist in order to please the baby, to create a special world. Everything has its well-established place in this modern world, no matter it is the white piece of furniture, the grey dolphin or the other animals in the paintings on the wall, the body, all these give a pleasant and inviting air to the entire space. I would definitely want my child to live in such a modern and attractive place! Wouldn’t you? {found on designsponge}.