A Mobile Home With A Wooden Exterior And A Retro Look

Mobile homes are appreciated worldwide for the flexibility and freedom they offer. But usually they’re more sporty, designed to reflect the lifestyle of their owners. Still, there are cases when sporty models don’t match the personality of the one driving it and something a little more elegant and retro is needed. It’s why models like Tonke Fieldsleeper are a nice option.

Tonke fieldsleeper retro design camper 1

Tonke Fieldsleeper is a mobile home that has a rich polished wooden exterior and a chic retro look. The wood and the finish give it a rather elegant look and it’s easy to see why this is a unique design.

Tonke fieldsleeper retro design camper2

Tonke fieldsleeper retro design camper3

The natural grain of the wood gives it a charming feel and the darker tones of the whorls along with the design itself are definitely eye-catching and meant to attract some attention on the road. The interior matches the exterior, as you probably imagined. It has polished wooden furniture and it’s quite similar to a traditional living room.

Tonke fieldsleeper retro design camper4

Tonke fieldsleeper retro design camper5

Tonke fieldsleeper retro design camper6

Tonke fieldsleeper retro design camper7

Of course, this elegant and retro design doesn’t put versatility and function on second place. The Tonke Fieldsleeper is an easily detachable mobile home and it could also serve as a standalone temporary residence. This increases its versatility and gives it even more character. Tonke Fieldsleeper was created by Dutch designer Marten van Soest. It’s the perfect option for those who wish to travel in the old school style. This sleek mobile home has character and personality and it’s enough just to look at it to realize that it’s unlike anything else you’ve seen.