A Beautiful Snow dust Lampshade by Olga Kravchenko

It is winter. Nothing compares with the beauty of snow that covers all the surroundings. It creates a fairytale image where everything is white, peaceful and shining.

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Children are those who enjoy most of this white season. They go to skate, to ski and play with snowballs. People usually decorate their houses with all sorts of objects that fit the winter spirit .Everybody wants for Santa Claus to come and bring them a lot of presents.Olga Kravchenko proposes you a snow dust lampshade. It is a lampshade that resembles snow and she explores the way this snow dust can create an original design while it deposits.

This lampshade fits this white landscape that is outside, perfectly. It brings to your home the light of that cold, fresh and shining snow and creates a magic atmosphere. All seems surrounded by a peaceful silence that relax you.

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