A beautiful living room makeover

The complete room full of furniture is a beautiful place to live in, but the room isn’t so much changed then it is just furnished. The floor is intact, the wall color is intact, windows are in the same spot, so the room wasn’t changed, it was just refurnished. More than one thing changed in the room, starting from the lights that were reduced to one chandelier and finishing with the venetian blinds at the windows.

Before open conceptView in gallery

Furnishing this beautiful room was not a great task, because it’s easy to start from an empty room. The job was well done and the room looks fabulous. A little bit of a classic touch gives more warmth to the eyes. The room is based on white cream furniture combined with black lines, the combination is breath taking. The living room is composed from a sofa and two chairs that look very comfortable. A little table in the middle of the furniture is perfect for you to relax with your foot on it.

Open concept afterView in gallery

The pictures on the right wall and the pictures on the table, near the furniture, are making the place look more crowded but at the same time they give a great cozy effect.One thing I like is the drapes that combine well with the rest of the design. The room could be very shiny if the venetian blinds would be pulled on. This room is a perfect place to read a story to your children, or to relax after a hard day at work.{found on theredpin}.