7 Quotable DIY Wall Art Projects

Sometimes we all need a little bit of inspiration and quick boost. So, why not add a sprinkling or two around the house? With all those DIY ideas floating around blogs and places like Pinterest; there’s no excuse not to have a piece of quotable wall art hanging up inside your home to give you a much needed pick-me-up every once in a while. Here are some great DIY’s to get your imagination flowing and your best quotes hung up on the walls.

1. This is our happily ever after.

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Any newlyweds out there? This DIY is perfect for you. All you’ll need to decide on is what fabric to use that’ll bring our your couple style. Hang it up in the bedroom or adorn the mantle and show off what you’ve made to all your house guests.{found on makeanddogirl}.

2. Art washes from the soul the dust of everyday life.

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Crafter at heart? Artist who needs a reminder? Try this DIY to create something a litle edgy for your work place. Of course you can change around the quote and just use the acrylic paint but why not have this great phrase in your home office?{found on everycollegegirl}.

3. Not all those who wander are lost.

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Take an old piece of art and create something new! Follow this DIY to make something as equally interesting to look at as it is inspiring.{found on littlenostalgia}.

4. When all the pretty branches…

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We love to love love don’t we? Well, take this simple DIY and create something nice, clean and adorably charming for your bathroom, bedroom or kitchen! Some craft paint will do the trick!{found on sewingbarefoot}.

5. She decided to start living…

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You can always find printable pieces too. Like this one, there are hundreds of artists out there that have made beautiful works for your to freely print and use for yourself. So, snag a fantastic frame and highlight these gorgeous quotes.{found on ellinee}.

6. It was never between you and them anyway.

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Really make a statement by not only using a quote like Mother Teresa’s but creating something bold. Use a big canvas to create a focal point for the staircase, living room or office.{found on iammommahearmeroar}.

7. You are my fav.

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Not only is this DIY whimsy and romantic, it’s ombre! Ombre creates an ethereal vibe that’ll add some girlish charm to your bedroom, bathroom or even in the hallway.Follow this DIY to create your own beautiful little piece of quotable art.{found on sarahhearts}.