5 Wonderful, Charming & Different Ways To Use Tablecloths!

Tablecloths … they’re really just a bit of fabric that come in different sizes and shapes. And with such a simple cut and amazing designs, you can do so much more than adorn the dining room table! Get creative, use your imagination and use these pieces as you next big house project. You’d be surprise the amount of style and design you can get from one of these inexpensive crumb catchers. Take a look at our ideas and start using them this week!

1. Turn it into a rug.

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Believe it or not, you can buy a cheap  tablecloth and easily turn it into a rug. Nix the hundreds of dollars you need for an area rug and get to work transforming the piece. You may even find a patterned cloth you like better than any rugs you see online! Personally, I found an amazing steal for $3.98 on sale a few weeks ago and have this on my to-do list for the end of the month. It’ll save me time searching for the perfect rug for the living room and I’ll get to try my hands at an amazing new project.{found in dreambookdesign}.

2. Wrap a present with it!

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This is what I like to call a two-fer. Not only is it a unique and fun way to wrap someone’s gift, but they get two presents in one. The first being whatever is inside and the second being the beautiful tablecloth you’ve picked to wrap the piece. Of course you can use scrap fabric, but tablecloths come in so many different sizes that are always shaped and cut perfectly!

3. Make a tent!

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Use it on the patio on a perfectly-weathered evening or for the kiddos inside the house. It’s adorable, charming and so easy to use. All you need is an old tablecloth to make it happen! It’s a fun project to try out and you can make several for the whole family to enjoy!{found on domestic-dish}.

4. Divide a room.

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For a charming, delicate way to divide a room, try a tablecloth. Whether it’s a big or small space, tablecloths are easy to hang up and create some privacy and division. We love how fabric creates a lighter, softer “wall” than something too hard or concrete. And it’s easy to change up as well.

5. Reupholster a chair.

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With a fabric tablecloth you can actually transform a piece of furniture. Sure, throwing it over the sofa or bed will allow for a quick pop of color or design, but you can also use the fabric for reupholstering. If you find the most perfect pattern or shade of purple in a tablecloth, snatch it up and get to DIYing!