5 Great Recycling Projects To Light Your Home

Recycling is not something you do out of love for the environment and the planet. It’s also a great way of finding new uses for things and of giving them a second change. It’s a way of not letting time take the best out of an item. So here are five wonderful projects that will show how to recycle and how to repurpose items in order to create unique features for your home.

Chandeliers Made from Salvaged Bicycle Parts.

Chandeliers made from salvaged bicycle parts1View in gallery

Chandeliers made from salvaged bicycle parts21View in gallery

Chandeliers made from salvaged bicycle partsView in gallery

We’re going to start with this amazing chandelier. It’s very charming and it looks quite stylish. But what you don’t know is that it’s made from recycled bicycle parts. The chandeliers you see in the photos are made from bicycle chains, wheels and other parts and they’re part of a series called Connect created by artist Carolina Fontoura Alzaga. It’s a very interesting and creative way of repurposing old bike parts.

Bicycle Wheel Chandelier.

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And since we were talking about bicycles, here’s another great project. It’s also a chandelier and it’s made of basically the same things the ones we presented above were made of. It’s a chandelier made from bicycle wheels and chains and it’s something you can make by yourself. All you need is an old bike or at least a bike wheel and some free time.{found on curbly}.

White Twig Chandelier.

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We also have lots of other ideas for you. Let’s continue with another charming chandelier, this time made of twine and branches. Here’s how you can make the chandelier. First gather willow and grapevine branches or any other types of branches you can find. Then find the frame of a chandelier and a spot to hang it. Then start attaching the twine and branches to the chandelier. Tie them around the mid-section and bend the branches, following the lines of the chandelier. When you’re done you can spray paint the branches.{found on funkyjunkinteriors}.

Clothespin Chandelier.

Clothespin chandelierView in gallery

You should know that chandeliers can be made from lots of different things. For example, you can make one out of clothespins. You can use the clothespins to give your chandelier a sculptural look and you can either paint them or let them showcase their wooden beauty. As for the design, you can experiment with different shapes until you find one that suits your home.

Mason Jar Chandelier.

Mason jars chandelierView in gallery

The last project we’re going to show you is also a chandelier but this one is made using Mason jars. The jars are transparent so the light is bright but it’s also subtle and pleasant. The jars are pendants and they are paired with filament light bulbs for a nice vintage look and a charming design. The room will feel very cozy and comfortable with such a chandelier.