5 Creative Ways to Use Vintage Doorknobs

Do you love the look and feel and aura of vintage items…but sometimes get lost in trying to figure out what to actually do with those items? This is a struggle for many people. While creatively reusing and repurposing things is commendable for its green effect on the environment, it can be a challenge to make the old items successful in their new “life”…rather than a pile of junk that isn’t working at all. Take vintage doorknobs, for example. These are imbued with unmatchable patina and perfect imperfections, but doorknobs can sometimes be tricky to reuse. Here are five creative ways to use, and showcase, your beautiful vintage doorknobs:

Bouquet of Vintage Doorknobs.

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Isn’t this a charming bit of history-filled whimsy? Vintage doorknobs create a similar “flowery” silhouette as a real bouquet and thus make an unexpected yet successful candidate for floral imitation. I like how this method embraces non-matching doorknob collections. This doorknob bouquet is particularly charming set within a colorful vintage glass vase.Available for 45$.

Vintage Doorknobs as Photo or Placecard Holders.

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Turning the doorknobs upside down and adding a bit of curled wire to the hardware results in totally custom placecard holders. What a unique way to welcome guests to your table! These glass doorknobs in particular add a touch of elegance, personality, and character. I think the concept would work equally well to stylishly showcase photos on a mantel as well.{found on site}.

Vintage Doorknobs as Necklace & Jewelry Hangers.

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Mounting the doorknobs onto another surface, such as a framed board, creates a lovely and functional necklace organizer. The aged look and feel of the doorknobs themselves make the hanging necklaces into an art piece. I mean, have you ever seen such pretty pearls? I love that this idea is so unique, feminine, and green.{found on site}.

Vintage Doorknob as Curtain Tieback.

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When the fabric of curtains is old or delicate, using a vintage doorknob as a tieback adds the perfect touch of elegance and respect for the era. This particular curtain might be nothing more than some simple cheesecloth (it’s not…I’m just saying it could be), yet with the integration of this lovely glass knob, the entire window treatment simplicity is both intentional and beautiful.{found on diyinspired}.

Vintage Doorknobs as Towel Hooks.

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Charming and functional, these vintage doorknobs are a lovely complementing piece to this dark wainscoted and scallop-mirrored bathroom. The vintage back plates (look at those keyholes! marvelous) paired with each knob add a huge stylistic factor, and they also serve functionally to keep the damp towel off the wall paint. I like how these knobs aren’t identical but are patterned in a way that works with the overall bathroom scheme.{found on notjustahousewife}.