Top 10 DIY Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

The kitchen backsplash is placed on the kitchen wall between the countertops and the wall cabinets. It is meant to protect the walls from staining, especially in the zones close to your sink and stove, the places where you cook, clean, and prepare food. While your backsplash might stain, the materials it is made from will be very easy to clean and maintain.

1.Rustic Kitchen Backsplash From Old Pallets.

The first project on our list features a wonderful rustic backsplash made from the reclaimed wood of old shipping pallets. You can see this backsplash is a great DIY project opportunity for your kitchen because it uses inexpensive materials to create great looking results. If you decide to have this kitchen backsplash, locate some old pallets with boards in good condition, scrub the boards clean, and cut them into smaller sized pieces.

If you are skilled with techniques for finishing wood, you could apply a different stain color to play up the backsplash design. After you have decided on the configuration layout, apply the individual boards to the wall using liquid nails adhesive. I can guarantee you a really authentic rustic look as well as a great wall texture.{found on circadee}.

2.DIY Wine Cork Kitchen Backsplash.

This second project is another easy to do project for a kitchen wall. The awesome idea uses wine corks standing on their ends to make a beautiful contemporary and natural-looking warm toned backsplash. There are many ways to make a DIY backsplash from wine corks, but the simplest one is to glue the corks on a board and then attach the board to your kitchen wall.

3.Wallapaper for kitchen backsplash.

Wallpaper is usually a delicate item, unable to face the rigors of a kitchen’s environment, especially around the sink area where splashes of water can easily ruin it. But what about vinyl wallpaper? You bet! Vinyl wallpapers are waterproof as well as very resistant to humidity, and can even stand up to scrubbing.{found on familyhandyman}.

4.Paint glass for kitchen backsplash.

Adding a splash of color to your décor is always a welcomed way to make the environment brighter, but in a kitchen too much color could overwhelm the room. So, what might be a good DIY possibility? That’s right, a backsplash! This project presents a very cool idea for protecting your walls from unwanted stains while animating the light in the environment. The choice made by this home owner was for a kitchen backsplash made of glass. Visit a local glass shop to locate a single 36 inch square sheet of polished or back painted glass for around $200, and have an easy DIY project for your kitchen.{found on frugalbits}.

5.Rocks for backsplash.

A more dramatic look for a kitchen backsplash might be the next idea we present here. The amount of surface texture created with this project is amazing. The eye-catching wall of stacked pebbles fits wonderfully in the natural lakeside style of the owner’s kitchen. If you want to create a backsplash like this and ensure your efforts result in the same finished look, you need to use only small pebbles which are roughly all an identical size. To keep the very natural appearance of the wall and avoid a heavy set in look, do not use visible grout around each stone, just enough on the hidden end to create floating stacks of pebbles. Keep it real, keep it natural.{found on familyhandyman}.{found on bhg}.

6.Mirror backsplash.

If you are the proud owner of a small apartment with a very small kitchen space, fear not because there are incredible simple solutions which will make the area look good while keeping it functional. The biggest issue with small kitchen spaces can be a claustrophobic feeling, but there are a few tricks you can use to make it look bigger and brighter. As the image shows, adding a mirror backsplash over this stove caused the light to double by reflecting the window from across the room.{found on bespokepress}.

7.Mixed eye catching tiles for kitchen backsplash.

If you really want to add some eye-catching focal points with personality to your house, I suggest you to pay close attention to this project. In this kitchen of repurposed cabinets, the powerful collage of colored elements automatically draws your focus. This stunning mosaic backsplash is made entirely of mixed tiles. The idea and project is really simple but the finished result is fantastic. Cheap and simple, what’s not to like?{found on boligliv}.

8.Stainless kitchen backsplash.

This next project is a little bit tricky to create and because of the material used, a little more expensive, but it does look wonderful once installed. Stainless steel tiles can make for a dramatic backsplash look, but the entire kitchen space will also feel the impact. Although the installation steps may look like rocket science expertise is required, these tiles are very easy to install, they do not require grouting, and will last forever.

There are many different metals available for you to choose from when creating a backsplash. Besides the stainless steel shown for this project, there are also aluminum and copper tiles which come in many styles, designs, and finishes. If you have finally decided what kind of metal tile you will use and the wall look you want to achieve, go for it. To make the installation as perfect as possible, be sure to turn off power in the kitchen to avoid accidents with live wires and go easy on the amount of glue you use. Let the applied tiles dry for a few hours before using the stove or oven, and then prepare to enjoy your newly decorated kitchen.{found on familyhandyman}.

9.Stone kitchen backsplash.

This next backsplash does resemble one we described earlier, but the stones used are a different size and are installed using a very different technique. These little stones cost around $2.50 per square foot so expensive is not part of the equation. If you want to do this or something similar, the effort required for this DIY project is less than you might expect to create the finished wall you see here. Apply the required grout carefully to the wall area, smoothing it over the entire surface. Then take each irregular shaped sheet of small stones and place it on the grouted wall, setting each sheet so the stones eventually cover the entire wall in an interlocking pattern. Voila, the garden stone kitchen backsplash is now ready.{found on homestoriesatoz}.

10.Chalkboard kitchen backsplash.

We have taken and used chalkboard paint ideas here before and if I remember correctly, we mentioned this particular idea as well. The reason chalkboard paint can be a great backsplash idea is because of the ever changing possibilities. You can write a new funny message everyday, list a favorite recipe, draw funny faces, or cover the area with an artful design to name a few. The particular pattern seen in this image shows alternating shapes and tones of light and dark achieved through the use of a stick of chalk. Isn’t it a fun idea?{found on designsponge}.

I hope you liked these wonderful backsplash ideas and I also hope that they will inspire you to do your own projects, adding personal touches at every step.

Published by in DIY Projects, on April 13th, 2012


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