Tips For Decorating Your Entrance For Christmas

Since your home’s entrance is the first thing that guest will see over the festive period, it is always an important part of your décor. Even if you live in an apartment, which affords you little opportunity to decorate your entrance, it is a good idea to personalize your door in some way. Well executed decorations that feature your front door, porch or garden, can put your neighbours in the Christmas spirit and make guests feel welcome when they arrive. Even if you don’t plan to stay at home for Christmas, decorate your entrance so that you have something pleasant to return to.

Go For Wreaths.

Most people associate a front door Christmas decoration with a simple evergreen wreath. This classic look is seen all over the place because it works so well. For the traditional look, hang your wreath in the middle of the door at eye level. However, why not extend the idea and think about using wreaths in other places of your home’s frontage? If you have reasonably large windows, then hanging a wreath in front of them can be an effective look. Make sure the wreaths are all set at the same height. If you have an expanse of weatherboarding or a brick wall that could look more Christmassy then a wreath can do the job, too.

Santa’s Stockings.

If you want to decorate your front door, but would like to try something a bit more original than a simple wreath, why not hang some stockings instead? Stockings tend to be used as interior decorations but there is no reason no to implement them as an exterior decoration. Make sure your stockings are positioned under partial cover so that they don’t get exposed to rain or snow. Soggy stockings don’t look particularly festive, after all.

Christmas Window Sills.

Don’t just focus on your front door for making an inviting Yuletide frontage. Christmas windows look great if you decorate the external sills. A simple arrangement made of evergreen cuttings, holly, pine kernels and even a little tinsel, to add some sparkle, are fine adornments to any window sill. Use a flowerbox if your sills are not large enough to house your decorations by themselves. Or, why not decorate your mailbox instead?

Extend Your Palette.

Green tends to be the most used color for exterior Christmas decorations and it is understandable once you consider that so many home frontages work well with the addition of some verdant hues. Nevertheless, the addition of some colder colors, like violet-white and blues can also make an attractive entrance, especially if you use them with decorative lighting. Cranberry reds are also highly evocative of the Christmas season, so a splash of crimson at your home’s entrance way is always a good move.

Yuletide Pots and Urns.

Sometimes you can feel as though Christmas decorations are gaudy additions to a home’s exterior and take away from the sophistication that your home’s architecture expresses for the rest of the year. If so, there’s no reason to reject exterior decorations all together. Simply, make your Christmas look by using the same design principles as you would at any other time of year. Select some simple, but architecturally pleasing plant pots. Containers that give your plenty of height are the best to ones to buy. Create a Christmas display by using evergreens and the deep reds of berries, then position your pots in a row at regular distances from one another. Try using urns, instead of pots, for a similar look that has a twist for a novel Noël.

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