The Whale Flower Vase by Alessandro Beda

I am sick and tired of seeing the same thing all over again: the same models of clothes, the same designs, the same ideas. Nothing seems to be original any more and it drives me crazy. That is why I appreciate artists very much – because they are creative and are not afraid to be different, to have unusual , yet unique and personal ideas and visions.

So I found this Portuguese designer on the Internet and I was impressed by his originality. His name is Alessandro Beda and has some very sensitive creations, for example this flower vase in the shape of a whale that he did not even name, being displayed on his web page as “Untitled flower jar”.

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This original flower vase is still in project, as it hasn’t been manufactured and sold on industry scale, but it is nice and delicate. It looks like a whale floating on the surface of the ocean, with the tip of  the tail out of the water, having a little hole where it is supposed to have the breathing orifice. Here you can place the flowers and the effect will be amazing, as you can see from the pictures.