The Shine armchair by Giuseppe Bavuso

Shine is the name of this simple and yet very functional armchair. The chair was designed by Giuseppe Bavuso. It features a durable and strong metal frame with polyurethane foam padding and polyester cushions. It also includes chrome-plated or painted steel plate legs.

The Shine armchair by Giuseppe Bavuso View in gallery

Analyzing the shape and the design, we realize that this is a very simple chair that doesn’t really stand out.Still, sometimes this could be an advantage. In this case, for example, with the simplicity also comes versatility. The Shine armchair is a very functional item, also very comfortable and because of its simple design it can be successfully integrated in a variety of different spaces.

The Shine armchair by Giuseppe Bavuso View in gallery

For example it would be a great addition to the dining room. Unlike many other dining chairs, this one is actually comfortable and it would allow you to enjoy a pleasant dinner with your family. The Shine armchair can also be used in the home office as it would be great for the desk. You can also use it in the library or in the reading corner, if you have one. The chair is available with either leather or fabric covers. So despite its shy look, this chair manages to shine on other levels, like versatility and functionality. Don’t be quick to judge it just by its looks. Give it a chance and see how comfortable this chair really is.

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Posted in Sofa and Chair on October 27, 2011

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