The hybrid between an ambience light and a directional light.

These days when people invent so many things, we want to have the best of it, the most modern and accessible prices. Thus, what appears in the category the Ultimate Shout is something as a hybrid between ambience light and directional light. These pieces which make me think about the moon and the sky are very attractive, modern and simple at the same time. They look perfect on the wall, no matter if they are opened or closed.

If it is closed it creates ambience light, while if you open the interior circle, the intensity of the light can be easily moderated. Only a double twist is necessary for the beam of light to be directed to a different direction of the room. The name of Arturo Alvarez should say enough in the field of indoor lights and the pieces in the picture are a very good solution for any modern room where light plays an important art in the optimization of space and light.

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It is so pleasant to have the appropriate indoor lighting because we have the tendency to judge everything according to this essential aspect and the better it is, the better we feel, no matter we just want a play with light, read a book in a warm light or just enjoy the atmosphere around.