Photo album coffee table

Coffee tables always come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. People constantly think of new ideas for designs. They usually come up with just a change of color or shape. This time Micth Steinmetz made a radical change in the design of the coffee table. He created a coffee table inspired by a photo album and he called it Remembrance. It’s a very interesting and ingenious idea, in my opinion.

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It looks like a giant photo album but it’s actually a coffee table. A very special one. We all know how people love to remember things whenever they have a change. Especially when you meet with your friends of relatives, you enjoy a cop of coffee and you start to talk about your childhood or the high school or whatever memories you have in common.

This coffee table invites to do all that at home, while enjoying a cop of coffee with the loved ones. Forget about how mom always used to say it’s not ok to put the cup or the glass on top of the books. Now it’s allowed.

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Posted in Furniture on April 22, 2011

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