Paint-Dipped Furniture Designs –The New Trend For 2013

What can you do when you have a furniture piece that has a nice design but that lacks a certain something that could make it special? Well, there are numerous possibilities and one of them is to dip it in some paint. It sounds very easy and it is. Dipped furniture is a new trend for this year and it’s based on a very simple technique. Let’s take a look at some examples featuring various pieces of furniture with this look.

Milking stool.

Probably the easiest thing to do is to take a stool and to dip its feet in some paint. These ones are made of wood and they feature playful colors, a simple design and sleek finish. The duo-tone color gives them a unique look and makes them stand out.{found on umproject}.

Dipped coffee chairs.

These chairs look like they’ve been dipped in paint but it’s not an impression. Usually you dip the feet in paint but it this case everything was painted but the bottom of the feet and the top area of the backrest. It’s a very nice and unexpected look.{found on ronamag}.

Dipped French Dresser.

Color-dipping is very simple and usually used for pieces of furniture like stools, chairs and tables, basically the ones that have sleek feet. But that if you use a dresser for a similar project. It’s a little more complex but the main idea is the same. Of course, you can’t actually lift the dresser and dip it in paint, you have to use a brush and tape.{found on etsy}.

Furniture landscape for queen of hoxton.

This technique is very simple and it’s a nice way of giving a simple makeover to an old piece of furniture and adding a touch of color to something that blends in. This collection features tables, chairs, stools and benches, all with paint-dipped feet. Some have three feet featuring one color and the third one a different shade, yet another way of making the piece pop.{found on designboom}.

Entry Table.

This table is perfect for the entryway. But its overly simple design and lack of color were not exactly wonderful. The answer to this problem was paint. It might seem like the feet of the table have been dipped in paint but, in fact, they’re the only portion that doesn’t have paint on it.{project found on site}.

Dining room dipped legs.

Here’s a lovely dining table. It has a simple design, with a wooden top and it’s complemented by sleek and classical chairs with black seats. The table’s feet are dipped in neon pink paint and the combination of bright pink and black is very bold and beautiful.{found on apartmenttherapy}.

Casual chairs.

There are various ways of looking at this technique. For example, instead of just dipping a small bottom portion of a chair’s feet in paint you can just paint them entirely. It’s not exactly a paint-dipped chair then but it’s a variation of the same type of design.{found on site}.

Stool makeover.

Here’s another interesting variant. This stool, as you can see, has been partially painted. The top/seat has been painted red and the paint also covers the footrests. The actual feet are unpainted so it’s a different version of what we’ve presented so far but it’s basically the same technique.{found on verhext}.

Dipped desk legs.

This is a wonderful example of how an old and ugly piece of furniture can be transformed into something chic and elegant with just some paint. The desk has been painted black which gives a very nice allure. The legs have also been dipped in golden paint and the combination is just wonderful.{found on designsponge}.

Tall chairs.

The same combination of colors has been used for these beautiful pieces. They have been first painted black and then the feet have been dipped in paint. The golden portion goes all the way up and covers the bottom footrest. It’s a nice look for a barstool.

Old chairs makeover.

In the case of these old chairs, the plan was a little different. They were initially black but they needed a fresh new look. So they’ve been painted white and then tape was put around their feet. They were placed upside down and spray-painted gold. Now they have an elegant look.{found on thewitsblog}.

Another tall chair.

Here’s another stool, also featuring the beautiful combination of black and gold. It’s very similar to the other barstools we’ve already shown you. However, this one has a smaller portion that’s been painted gold. Also, the golden shade seems to be less eye-catching and blends in more easily.{found on site}.

Entryway side table.

This small side table also needed a makeover. It was in good shape but it needed a fresh new look. Since it didn’t look bad at all, it was left untouched and it only got a fresh coat of paint on the bottom area. The white paint goes all the way but doesn’t reach the top. When placed against a white wall, the table looks like it’s just floating.{found on jessicademaio}.

Gold dipped barstool.

Since barstools seem to be a common choice for this type of project, here’s another example. You’ve already seen two examples featuring the black and gold combination. Now let’s take a look at something different. These ones also feature golden accents but the main color in this case is pink. The seat was also painted golden for symmetry.{found on honeybearlane}.

Night stand dipped.

This side table has a very chic look. It’s used as a nightstand and the base is particularly interesting. The legs are curved and they meet in the center. It’s the shape of the legs that made them perfect for this project. The bottom portion was dipped in red paint. The rest of the base was left unpainted and the top was painted white. The combination is refreshing is very beautiful.

Modern touch.

Here’s another nightstand that got an interesting makeover. It’s a wooden piece and it was completely repainted. The top portion was painted white and the feet were dipped in gold paint. It’s not a combination as elegant as the black and gold one but it’s still on the same family.{found on site}.

Neon legs.

If you want to really make something pop you should use neon colors. In this case, for example, this stool got its feet dipped in neon green paint. Since the stool was already featuring a pastel blue shade, the combination became interesting. Both colors are cold but they are very different and this makes the stool stand out.{found on noeliacachafeiroblog}.

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