Mirrored furniture

Specialists say that if you have a house with small rooms you should use mirrors to create reflections and this will create the sensation of space in its turn. I don’t know when this concept first came into being, but I do know that it has been used for a long time. An unusual application of this idea is mirrored furniture, which seems to have been used ever since the XIIth century. But what exactly is mirrored furniture? Well, it is exactly what the name says: some furniture with mirrors on it. And I am not talking about that big piece of furniture that is used in the hallway with a big furniture within. Mirrored furniture also refers to that particular furniture that has all the sides, even the very narrow space between the drawer edges covered in mirrors or some other material that can reflect light just like mirrors do – for example polished stainless steel.

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This mirrored furniture is very nice to look at, but it is very hard to maintain, as it can be easily tainted. Any way, mirrored furniture means mirrored chests, tables, wardrobes, armoires, stools and a dozen other pieces that you can purchase from different places. View in gallery

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I honestly tell you I haven’t seen such furniture in the usual stores, so I suppose that you can find it in antique stores or on the Internet. One of the most famous online shops that sells this kind of furniture is Shades of light where you can buy different objects for different prices, starting with a couple of dollars to some good thousand.