Mexican Home Decorating – The Vibrant Style

When talking about Mexican home decorating style there are some people thinking that this type of décor encompasses pottery, chili peppers and cactuses. This is in fact a simple way to look at the real essence that is comprised in the Mexican design and heritage.

The Mexican home decorating style is in fact inspired by many sources that history brought over time, such as Spanish and Native Americans and even Chinese. These nations have come with a powerful influence that left a print in the spirit of Mexican people, this influence being added to the spirit of the natives creating what is known today as the traditional style of the Mexican people.

The history of Mexican home decorating style goes back into the 16th century before the Spanish conquest took place. At this time the more intricate structures that Spanish monks have built started to replace the simplicity of the adobe structures of the natives. When both styles were combined, a new type of design came into existence. This combination is the thing that most people think of the Mexican home decorating style.

When colors came useful into designing, in the early 1900, the decorated areas started to include the pottery with their colorful details, textiles and furnishings inspired by the folk tradition. After Mexican people were liberated from under the Spanish occupation, the style of the Mexican home décor has found a new way to express itself.

Thus deep browns, intense reds, bronze and gold colors, forest greens and many warm, festive and vibrant colors became the mark that represented the Mexican home decorating style.

Throughout time, this style has remained the same with only few small adjustments being inserted. To the modern era of the Mexican home decorating style the same vibrant colors have remained unchanged although a minimalist approach is given to the drawing that include simple and more clean lines.

Nowadays Mexican home decorating has entered into a new style making use of the inspiration brought by nature from the Mexican homelands. Darker woods and fabrics imported from Mexico has become very popular in the home decorating styles from all over the world.

As to the old Mexico world, the beautiful tapestries have been incorporated into the interior design of many houses due to their bright colors of blue and yellow. The Mexican home decorating style include as well wood carving to be seen in pieces of furniture that have made a triumphant come back from the ashes of time.

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