How To Decorate Your Home With Vibrant Mexican Flair

The Mexican style encompasses much more than symbols such as the chili peppers and the big hats. Strictly speaking in terms of interior design, this style is very rich and full of tiny details that are easy to recognize but difficult to reproduce. Mexican homes are characterized by the warm and welcoming ambiance and intricate interior décor elements. In order to be able to capture the essence of this culture in your home, you must first get a clear idea of what really defines the style.

The colors.

If you want your home to be serene and tranquil, then don’t count on this being the right style for you. The Mexican color palette includes rich tones and vibrant shades of both warm and cold colors. Red, orange, blue and green and just a few of the colors you can expect to find in a Mexican-style homes and they’re almost always all combined through patterns.

Rich, handcrafted textiles.

This style is a rich source of woven and embroidered textiles which you can use in your home in the form of colored blankets, decorative pillows and bold area rugs. Their unique hand crafted style adds warmth to any space, making your home feel that much more inviting.

Mexican tiles.

Use hand-painted tiles around the house with and use their ornate designs to add character to your staircases, kitchen backsplash and more. They’re an awesome source of themed beauty, excellent for capturing the essence of this style and culture.

Tropical plants.

Although using tropical plants in your interior design is not necessarily a feature pertaining to this particular style, it can be the element that defines your home and brings it closer to what makes a Mexican home feel complete. The vibrant, fresh colors and the connection to nature are just two of the defining characteristics.

Wall décor.

Traditional wall décor options in typical Mexican homes blend a variety of elements such as mirrors with ornate frames, decorative plates displayed as a gallery, hats, paintings showcasing themed images, etc. Even textiles can be displayed on walls. The story and concept behind the item you wish to display on your home’s walls is also important so choose carefully.


A great way to capture the essence of Mexican interior design is by using artifacts. Display them on walls, on shelves, tables or wherever you think they’d look best. They can serve as focal point but can also just as easily blend in if the décor is well-balanced.

Traditional doors.

Carved wooden doors usually have the typical Mexican charm you’re looking for. Use them to enhance the style by including them in your home’s décor. Use a salvaged Mexican door for your bedroom to give it the warmth is needs or use one as a front door to make the entry area more charming.

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