How to transform your basement into an extra room

It’s not an uncommon thing anymore for the families with small to medium houses to transform their basement into an extra Room. In fact, this kind of practice has been in the customs of the people even from the medieval times, when the basements from most of the houses and fortresses used to be transformed into some kind of safe places, where everybody could live without any problems.

Though, when it comes to the actual transformation of the basement into a an extra room, just pulling out the closets and adding some furniture isn’t enough. In fact, adding furniture is the last thins that should be done.

First of all, keep in mind that the basement was first meant for depositing things and not for living, therefore the conditions might not be the same as for the rest of the house. So, first of all, the walls should be checked, just to see if there is any water infiltration, and if there is, something should be made in order to dry the walls.

Secondly, check the floor if there are any termites.  Not only that they can destroy the furniture, but they can also leave some bacteria that might be fatal for those with a weak immune system.

Ok, assuming that you have already pulled out all the furniture pieces before starting the first 2 steps, now it’s time to design your room. Usually, the lightning system is weak in the basement, therefore you can start with adding a more powerful bulb or luster to the ceiling, and if it’s possible, a new paint should be given to the walls. But in order to paint the wall, you should have at least a drawing with how your room should look like. Keep in mind that if there are stairs, bringing big pieces of furniture might not be possible. As well, keep in mind that as we are talking about an ex basement, the temperature might easily decrease during the nights, and during the cold season, therefore be sure to put a powerful heating device. As for the rest, let your imagination fly.

Finally, check your budget and see what can you buy, and if you can do it, then it’s time to add the furniture, but not until you’ve isolated the floor. After all, below the floor, there is the structure and the soil, therefore, an extra isolation will be needed.

Published by in How To, Tips, and Advice, on November 11th, 2010


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