Electrolux Refrigerator with Bootom Freezer

Just in case you are looking to grab home a new refrigerator, a little bit of innovation is what you can surely afford. This product on view here is the AEG-Electrolux S75448KG fridge freezer stainless steel refrigerator and it offers the innovation we talk about. Where most of the refrigerators come with a freezer on the top, this variant chooses to be different with a freezer at the bottom.

The product is blessed with frost free chilling and freezing, holiday function and a dynamic air control to store food in perfect condition. Also, another attraction is the visual and audible high temperature indicator on the door which keeps you up to date about the freezing status.

The fridge also gets an extra large salad drawer with humidity control which helps keeping the veggies fresh. For the wine lovers, there is ample storage space available along with space for dairy items, an egg tray and a butter dish. You can fetch it right away.

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Posted in Appliances on April 16, 2010

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