Educative Tree and Root Lamp by Kitae Pak

Nowadays, more and more people think of becoming eco or green. Their preoccupation for keeping the environment clean and safe becomes more important.

Everything that is green means a source of oxygen for us, so we should be careful to keep our green spaces as much and as many as we can.Recently cutting the trees has become a real problem. It has affected the environment and the natural phenomena too. Many people have tried to signal this problem.

Kitae Pak is one of these people and designed this Tree and Root Lamp.It is a lamp that has the shape of a tree while it functions and when it is switched off it has the shape of a tree root.

It is a signal for those who abuse the tree cutting and do not think of the future of our planet and our life. Its design makes us feel closer to nature and makes us be more aware of the importance of nature.