Christmas Tree Decorating Tips And Ideas

When it’s time to decorate the Christmas tree, the whole family gathers to participate. It’s a wonderful activity that brings us all closer together. But we each have our opinions when it comes to strategies for decorating the tree, placing it, etc. Follow these tips to get everyone on the same page.

First decide where the tree should be placed. Usually, it’s the living room. Ideally, the tree should go near the window so it has plenty of light or near the fireplace if you want a cozy look, although the heat doesn’t really help the tree stay green.

Once you’ve decide on a location, it’s time to start planning the design. Pick the color or colors. Here are a few options:

Something light and bohemian like pink could be an interesting color choice. Although it can be a bit feminine, imagine how magical the tree would look like wrapped in soft pink lights and decorations.

On the other hand, if you prefer a simple look, use green. If you choose a natural tree, then the green decorations won’t stand out that much but they’ll definitely make it look rich and sumptuous.

If you’re a fan of elegant and glamorous designs, then use golden decorations. They’ll look just as elegant in a green or white Christmas tree.

A combination of colors could also work. Blue and silver always look wonderful when put together. Use ornaments and Christmas lights in these two colors to create that effect.

But enough with the colors.

There are other important details to plan, like the tree stand. We have some great ideas for that too.

Use a wooden planter. You can actually plant the Christmas tree in there with soil and everything and it will stay fixed and green for a long time.

You can also use a rattan basket or container if you prefer a casual look and you can decorate the tree with soft burlap ribbons to enhance that visual effect.

Use fabric to wrap the trunk of the tree and hide it. You won’t need a good-looking tree stand since it won’t be visible so you can focus on making it as stable and durable as possible.

Now let’s talk about size.

A huge tree that touches the ceiling is definitely impressive but, if you don’t have the space for it, a small one would do just fine if you decorate it properly.

Make a small tree look bigger with oversized ornaments and decorations. Make big bows out of fabric and hang them in the tree and ornaments using pages from books and magazines.

Place a lot of wrapped presents at the base of your tiny tree and nobody will even notice its size. They’ll all focus on the pile of beautiful presents. You can also make the base of the tree the focal point by placing other types of decorations there.

Usually, small Christmas trees don’t look as rich and beautiful as the big ones so if you’d rather not have anyone compare your tiny tree with its larger siblings, instead of an actual tree you can just use a big branch.

Put a small tree in a large planter, bucket or stand. It won’t seem that tiny. Use big ornaments to decorate it and, if you prefer a green, organic look, use things like twigs, pine cones, burlap, wine corks, etc.

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