Beautiful Coastal Inspired DIY Table Décor

Sea has always seemed to attract us as a magnet. Most of us choose a resort at the shore of the sea as tourist destination for our vacation and when we get close to the resort and we see the huge wideness of blue water we feel like we have butterflies in our stomach as if we are in love.

Actually for some of us sea is considered a second love. It is something that attracts us to it every year as if it is the call of the sea. And how could you resist not falling in love with it when you sit at its shore, when you see the seagulls that fly above it and hear the noise made by the waves that break themselves at their touch with the shore? How many of you did not sit on the sand of the beach very early in the morning, holding your girlfriend or boyfriend in the arms in order to catch the sunrise?

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This amazing image of the sunrise at the seaside can never be forgotten.If we want at least remind our memories about sea each day we can build this beautiful coastal inspired table décor using seashells of different shapes and sizes. We may also need a damp cloth, sandpaper and a glue gun. The table must be clean so we will use the damp cloth to clean it from dust. Then we will arrange the seashells on the floor to see where we want to glue them and we will use sandpaper to scuff up the table where we want to glue the seashells. In the end we glue them on the table and everything is ready.

The image of these seashells will alleviate the sea miss and the days that have remained until the next meeting with it will pass more quickly.{found on allyou}