Add Dimension And Color To Your Home With 3D Wall Art

I’ve spent a lot of time trying to figure out how I should decorate my new home. At one point I was leaning towards posters or framed photos but then I thought something a little more interesting and original would be more suitable, something like 3D wall art. In case you’re wondering what that means, we’ve prepared some examples for you to take a look at.

If you want to add color to a room without necessarily focusing on something specific, then you should try this idea: take a big box of crayons and glue them to the top of a canvas. Then turn the blow dryer to hot on high and get comfy. The wax will start to melt and you’ll get a unique piece of artwork.{found on megduerksen}.

Geometric Designs.

Geometric designs are popular in modern and contemporary interior and they offer lots of flexibility. If you prefer something simple, then all you need is a bunch of wood sticks. Use them to make a hexagon or any other shape you prefer.{found on ohohblog}.

Here’s a similar project. For this one you’ll need strips of wood, a hot glue gun, paint, a hammer and nails. Measure and cut the strips to make the shape you want, in this case a rectangle. Lay out the design to make sure it looks ok. Adhere the strips together using glue and then paint the piece.{found on designsponge}.

You can play with shapes, dimensions, colors and patterns to create a simple but eye-catching decoration for your wall. You need wood circles of different dimensions. Tape off some of the areas and then paint the circles using different shades. Then figure out how you want the circles to be positioned on the wall. Glue dowels to the back of each circle and then attach them one by one to the wood base.{found on curbly}.

Use foam building blocks to make a one-of-a-king display for your home. Take a bunch of blocks of different shapes and sizes and arrange them inside a frame. When you’re happy with the arrangement, start gluing them one by one. You can also paint the blocks if you also want to add color to the décor.{found on happymundane}.

Although this is not the use of geometric shapes you might have expected, it’s a pretty interesting project. It’s 3D yarn wall art. Using yarn and nails you can come up with all sorts of interesting designs. Figure out the design and start putting nails into your wall or into a board. Then it’s time to add color using yarn.{found on jenloveskev}.

Paper Crafts.

There are lots of interesting things you can make using paper and we’re not necessarily talking about origami. Let’s start with something simple like these cute paper butterflies. Get some templates and draw the butterflies, then cut out the shapes. Then prepare the background. It can be a canvas you’ve painted. Glue the butterflies to the canvas.{found on site}.

Not all 3D wall art has to be colorful. Sometimes the meaning lies beyond that. Here’s some unique wall art made from actual books. You basically take an old book and fold or trim the pages so they form these interesting shapes.{found on etsy}.

This is one of my favorite paper crafts ever. To make something like this you need squares of colored paper in multiple shades. Fold them one by one (fold each corner of the square to the center point). Then simply arrange them in a grid.{found on howaboutorange}.

This is a project you can either make using colored paper or colored pieces of fabric. You need a canvas or something to adhere the pieces to. Then cut out the shapes in various colors and forms and combine them as you wish. Glue the top of each piece of paper of fabric to the canvas., start from the bottom.{found on site}.

We’ve mentioned origami earlier but we haven’t actually shown you anything related to that. Here’s a nice example. Make 3D wall art using card stock paper. Cut it in squares and start folding. After you’ve made enough pieces, arrange them in a pattern.{found on site}.

This is a similar project but this time you’ll be using white paper and you’ll be making smaller crafts. You’ll have to make lots of these pieces if you want to decorate the wall like in this photo.{found on mejuffrouwekster}.

This piece of 3D wall art may resemble the origami crafts we’ve shown you but it’s quite different. This one is made using paint chip stampes. They were cut into stripes and used to make hexagrams. Them they were attached to the canvas.{found on whimzeecal}.

You don’t have to be a hunter to have animal trophies in your house. You can make your own using paper. You’ll need a template, a frame, a background and colored paper. You just cut out the shapes and then glue them to the background piece.{found on site}.

3D Wall Art For The Kids.

Using 3D wall art in the kids’ room is a very clever idea. Not only that they’ll find the designs more interesting, but you can also teach them all sorts of interesting things and help them visualize. Of course, it would also have to be something fun like giant dinosaurs or safari animals. Teach about the planets and the universe using 3D wall art. There are lots of other themes to choose from so use your imagination.{found on styleestate}.

You can also make something more colorful using paper. For example, take a look at these pinwheels. They’re very cute and they look great in the nursery. They’re not that difficult to make and you can find instructions on the internet. Pair them with some wall decals.{found on createdblissfully}.

Nature-inspired nursery decors are always lovely and interesting. This one features simple 3D wall art in the form of a tree. It’s quite abstract but, at the same time, the symbols are spot on.{found on site}.

Organic Crafts.

Bring the nature inside your home and use things like branches and leaves to make interesting 3D wall art. For example, find some interesting-looking branches, take them home and cut them to size. Then attach them to boards or canvases.{found on thediyshowoff2}.

You can also use leaves to make interesting artwork. Use a canvas, styrofoam, some fabric that will make the colors of the leaves pop and pins. You can also use small branches and other things you can find in the yard or garden.{found on nerdandhealthnut}.

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