8 Classy Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas

Christmas is almost here so it’s time to start looking for a tree and to plan the whole design you’ll adopt this year. So don’t waste any time. Decide whether you want something out-of-the-box or something a bit more classic. We have plenty of ideas for both cases but today we’ll focus on the second one.

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Obviously, the tree will be the focal point of your home but this doesn’t mean is doesn’t have to match the rest of the décor. In fact, it will look more natural and stylish if it does. A living room with a neutral color palette based on beige, cream and white accents could feature a decorated with ornaments that have the same tones.

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Look around the room. Ry to take the colors you see and to incorporate them into the Christmas tree. If the room features red accents, then you should incorporate a few red ornaments in the tree as well. You’ll create a beautiful balance.


A vintage décor doesn’t need a Christmas tree that merges numerous different colors. It would look a lot better if the tree would only include ornaments in one particular color, preferably white or silver.

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Don’t worry about the size of your Christmas tree. A small one can be really charming if you place it near the fireplace and decorate it with cute ornaments. Decorate the mantel with green and red as well.

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In fact, you don’t even have to get a Christmas tree at all if there’s no space for one in your home. You can get a miniature tree or just the top and put it in a planter and let it sit on the console table. Sure, a tiny tree can also be an accessory for areas such as the entryway or the hallway while the big tree sits in the living room.

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If you’d rather get a fake Christmas tree, consider a white one. It’s different and a bit unusual but you can decorate with colorful ornaments and they’ll stand out more on a white tree than on a green one.

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If you want something elegant and classy, decorate your Christmas tree with golden ornaments. You can also mix in a few silver accents as well but gold should really be the main hue.

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Think of your Christmas tree as an accessory or a décor piece for the room and make it complement the rest of the décor. There should be few colors in the tree, the same ones that you used throughout the room. And make sure there are also a few green accents in the décor as well.

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  • I know this is an older post and hopefully you will still read and approve the comments on it.
    The subject Christmas Decoration is timeless and me seeing those beautiful decoration ideas brings me in the right mood for Christmas already now in October. :)
    Isn’t it amazing how much more inviting and cozy looking a for Christmas decorated room becomes, when a fireplace is lit?
    Thanks for sharing the nice pictures Stefan.


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