50 Amazing Reading Corners Design Inspiration

It’s a well-known fact that reading helps you relax and get rid of the stress you have accumulated. Lots of people like to read in bed before they go to sleep and this helps them fall asleep faster. Other people prefer to read somewhere in a quiet, cozy and tranquil space that was designed just for that. Most libraries have such spaces but it’s not exactly the cozy place you had in mind when we described it.

Home library with a large bookcase and a comfortable reading space near the window

Reading corners are very popular. Lots of people choose to have such a space because they enjoy having a comfortable and cozy space where they can sit, read a good book, maybe even listen to some soothing music and forget about all the problems and all the stress. When creating and designing a reading corner there are several aspects to take into consideration.The following examples should help you figure out which elements you like best and would want to incorporate into your own reading corner’s design.

Reading corner for two with a bookcase room divider

The reading corner can be a small space in the bedroom with nothing but a chair and some books

It can also be part of the living room if you integrate it into the décor

This reading corner seems very comfortable and it has sufficient natural light

You may also have a small sofa in this space, complemented by a footstool

A very simple and stylish reading corner with a view

Large windows on two sides and a pair of cozy chairs

Another great option is a reading nook with built-in storage for the books

An elegant reading corner with a bookcase on one side and a comfy chair on the other

A small reading corner with an adjustable floor lamp that matches the armchair

Relaxing reading nook for two with wall-mounted lamps

A reading corner needs to be inviting and to have soothing light

A vintage touch would make the reading corner look particularly attractive

If possible, choose the space next to the windows for your reading area

You can also have an outdoor reading area, on the balcony or terrace

The reading lamp needs to be flexible and adjustable so choose it carefully

A simple reading nook with a large window and a clever storage space for books

Shelves are very practical for storing books so don’t hesitate to use them

You can also use the window niche to store some of your favorite books

Decorate your reading corner with artwork but try to keep it simple

It’s easier to design the reading corner when you also have a bookcase

A more casual reading corner where the books sit on the floor

Be creative and use old books or magazines to make a side table

The chair is very important to make sure it’s comfortable

Always try to add cozy cushions or throw pillows to your reading corner

You can use a ladder-style storage unit for the books

Find a space that you don’t use and turn it into a reading corner

An arched window would make a beautiful background for a reading nook

Make sure you have plenty of space for storing your books

Here, the exposed brick wall looks wonderful and adds charm to the space

A beautiful painting or piece of artwork can make your reading corner look extra chic

You can dedicate a part of your living room to reading

The window niche makes a wonderful space for reading and relaxation

An oversized floor lamp looks beautiful in a contemporary home

If possible, try to also incorporate the fireplace into your reading area’s design

You can either opt for a floor lamp or a table lamp, depending on the décor

The light has to be subtle but strong enough to allow comfortable reading

Use the window and the views in your favor and highlight them

In an open plan you can have a room divider or a wall that offers privacy while you’re reading

Don’t complicate the décor and include only the thing you really need

The attic or a hidden space on a higher level is a perfect place for reading

You can create a niche above the door or in a corner

Use shelves or storage boxes to keep the area organized

Decorate the walls to make the space look less cold

A cabinet or desk can also be a helpful addition to the reading corner

To save space, create a built-in bookcase near your reading corner

Add a touch of color to this space to make it more dynamic

You can also use the balcony and enjoy the view while reading

Be clever and improvise: a cozy pillow and a blanket is all you need

For example, light is very important. Natural light is the best to if you can place this space near a window it would be perfect. The light needs to be strong so that you don’t have to put too much effort into reading and so that your eyes can rest but it also has to be delicate and pleasant. As for the furniture involved and the style or the décor, it all depends on each person’s preferences and needs.

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