29 Cool Makeup Storage Ideas For Small Spaces

If you’re like me then you probably leave your makeup all over the place. I would like to be more organized but I just don’t have a system. So I just realized that if I had a practical storage space where I could deposit all my makeup items then I would probably be more organized and it would also be more easy for me to find the item I’m looking for. So here’s a list of all sorts of storage solutions you can use.

Magnetic Make Up Board.

Here’s a great first project: a magnetic makeup board. To make it you need a frame, sheet metal, a piece of material, tacky spray, scissors, magnets and a hot glue gun. Tacky spray the material over the sheet metal and place it in the frame. Then glue the magnets onto your makeup essentials and you’re done.{found on threadsence}.

Spice racks aren’t useful just for spices. For example, a small spice rack would be perfect for storing all your nail polish. You can organize it according to color or in any other way you want. Mount the rack on a wall and give it a nice colorful finish.

A creative mind can come up with all sorts of unusual ideas. For example, here’s a makeup tray made from a repurposed ice cube tray. It’s great for storing brushes, eyeliner and mascara. All you need is an ice cube tray with the compartments deep enough to hold your makeup supplies.{found on designeatrepeat}.

Boxes and baskets.

A truly organized person would arrange her makeup into categories. For that you’ll need several compartments and this organizer is perfect for that. The drawer organizer is great because you can keep eye liners, mascara, pencils and other similar things in one drawer, brushes in another, eye shadows in a different ones and this way everything is beautifully organized.{found on bubblegarm}.

This organizer is also wonderful, especially for the bathroom. You can use the smaller upper drawers for your makeup and the larger ones for towels and other bathroom essentials. If you have some extra makeup items you can keep them in a box on the open shelf.

If you’re using lipstick, gloss and other similar things then you can store your collection in a box. Arrange them vertically and you’ll be able to easily pick up the shade you need. You will have to find a box with the right dimensions. If it’s a little too big you can add some fabric inside to make it smaller.

It’s nice to pay attention to all the little details but sometimes the priority needs to be functionality. So a simple woven basket would be just as good as any fancy box for storing makeup. You can have several baskets and use them for different items. Keep them in the bathroom or in the bedroom.

You know those professional makeup artists that have a case that opens and all sorts of levels and compartments are revealed and they’re all full of makeup? Well they have those because they’re very practical. So maybe you should consider having one too. They’re compact and great for storage.

Bath storage.

Here’s another very creative use of a common household item: the dish rack. In this case it is used as a storage system for the makeup. You can use it in the bathroom and either place it on the washing machine or anywhere else you want. You can arrange your eye shadow by color or in any other way you want.{found on kandeej}.

This makeup drawer organizer is also great for the bathroom. To give it a nicer you look you can take a simple drawer organizer and some white vinyl and give it a fresh look. Measure the drawer front, cut the vinyl and adhere it. Do the same for the sides.

A tiered bath storage system is also very practical. You can use each level for a specific category of objects. One could be used for makeup. Just put there everything you usually need and use. It’s simple, easy to browse through and very practical.{found on site}.

Clear glass acrylic.

The problem with most makeup storage kits is that you can’t see everything that’s inside and you have to browse through and mess up everything. But if you have a clear acrylic storage system then everything becomes easier. You can just look and see exactly where the item that you need is and then just take it.Available for 149$.

A clear acrylic storage system is also great if it has compartments of different shapes and sizes. This way you can arrange and organize your makeup easier. And since it’s transparent everything will look even more beautifully organized.

A transparent glass container is a chic way of storing your makeup brushes. Fill it with black beans and your brushes will stay there. You can separate them nicely and display them on your desk, table, vanity and anywhere else you want.Available for 10$.

Textile makeup organizers.

You know those things handymen carry with them that are made of fabric and where they keep all their utensils and stuff? They have those because they’re very practical and wonderful organizers. You can use a similar storage system for your makeup.Available for 38$.

You can make a textile makeup organizer by yourself. Just pick a nice color and pattern and make sure you include lots of compartments for all your brushes and other things you usually need. Then you can just roll it and store it on a shelf.Available for 23$.

This is a very similar model. It has a ribbon which you can use to keep everything tight and safe and it’s also very chic. The compartments have different dimensions and they can be sued for brushes, eyeliners, mascaras and all sorts of other things.Available for 27$.

Lipstick holder.

This lipstick organizer is very simple but it’s also very chic and very practical. It’s handcrafted from a single piece of solid maple. It has a smooth satiny finish and has three rows, one with 8 circular holes of 2’’ diameter, one with 7 circular holes measuring 1’’ in diameter and a row with 7 holes 1.1’’ in diameter.Available for 86$.

Brush holders.

Don’t just leave your brushes at random after you use them. Store them in a simple and stylish brush holder like this one. It’s made of wood and acrylic and has a natural and clean design. It holds 24 brushes and it should be more than enough.Available on site.

This is a DIY makeup holder, perfect for brushes. To make a similar one you just need a piece of wood, decorative brackets and a drill. Make holes in the wood for all the brushes and fix the brackets. It’s simple but it’s also very practical and it would look nice in your room.{found on houseofearnest}.

Wine racks are very useful but not just for storing bottles of wine. They can also be used for storing pencils or makeup brushes. You can use each compartment for a different purpose. It’s actually a great idea and very useful for all sorts of items including rolled up magazines.

A very simple brush holder could be just a vase filled with beads or other similar stuff. You can make separate holders for face brushes and eye brushes and display them on a shelf, on your vanity, in the bathroom or on your bedroom side table.{found on lizmarieblog}.

Here’s another very creative idea: use a large brush as a storage and display system for small brushes. You know those large rectangular brushes that you find in hardware stores but people no longer use? Well you can repurpose one of them as a brush stand or brush holder.

This clear acrylic brush holder is particularly chic. It’s filled with coffee beans and this gives it a unique charm. The coffee beans will make the room smell beautiful and the brush holder is simple and stylish as well as very practical.

This is a DIY textile makeup brush holder, very chic and also quite easy to make. First get some fabric and measure it. Start by sewing the inside pouch. Stitch the individual brush pouches and give them different sizes. Make two strips of fabric and sew them. These will be the straps you’ll be using to tie it up at the end.{found on site}.

To make this one-of-a-kind brush holder you’ll only need a drill and a piece of wood. You can find a branch and cut a portion. Drill a few holes in it and make sure your brushes fit inside. It’s that simple! After that just enjoy your new makeup brush holder.{found on site}.

This makeup brush holder is very similar to one we’ve already presented you. It’s basically just a clear vase filled with clear beads. You can use a jar or anything else you think might work. Then get some glass gems or beads and fill the jar. The brushes will just stand there, nicely organized.

These lovely makeup brush holders are just some fancy Mason jars. In fact, you can make something similar yourself. Just take a mason jar, clean it and remove the label. Then spray paint it in a chic color, maybe gold or anything else you really like. You can also personalize it and add a label or monogram if you want.{found on site}.

These brush holders are also made of Mason jars. In this case, however, the jars are not painted. They are clear and simple and they have a nice ribbon tied around them. Fill the jars with coarse sea salt and stick the brushes inside. You could also fill them with beads or coffee beans.{found on beautynewbie}.

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