28 Before-After Reupholstered Chairs

A lot of people have old furniture pieces that they either don’t like anymore or that doesn’t match with the rest of the décor. But just because a piece of furniture is old and maybe a little broken, this doesn’t mean you have to just throw it away. With a little time and imagination you can turn it into a whole new piece that you’ll be able to able for many years to come. Here are some example of chairs that suffered a makeover.

1.Irina Reupholstered Chair

This chair was old and it seems like the owners didn’t want it in their home anymore. It was all alone in the garage, hopping that one day he would be restored. And that day came when the owners decided it was time for a change. In order to obtain the new look that you see in the picture, the chair first had to be taken apart, the joints had to be repaired and reinforced and it also got a new fabric with a funny design. The chair was reupholstered, the legs were put back and a new chair was born.{found on ds}

2. Melisa Reupholstered Chair

This chair seemed pretty damaged before but it turned out all it needed was a little attention. It was an old rocking chair inherited from a grandma so it had sentimental value. However, the way it looked wasn’t appropriate for it to be taken inside, not to mention used. After reinforcing and cleaning the parts a little, the chair also got a new fabric with a new pattern and it was ready to be reupholstered and used again.{found on ds}

3. Kate and Laura reupholstered chair

This one had a similar problem. The structure was still good but the upholstery was not something you would want to sit on. So the chair had to be reupholstered and turned into something usable. The wooden structure wasn’t damaged so it got a new finish and a fresh look. The fabric used has a vintage look but it’s actually a modern design, very in-demand.{found on ds}


4.Patrick  reupholstered chair

Here’s another chair that needed a fresh look. The only thing the owners weren’t happy about was the old upholstery. They wanted something more simple and elegant. The wooden base was repainted and the fabric was replaced by a simpler version, in the same color palette, with some cute orange buttons for contrast. The dog seems to like the new chair too.{found on ds}


5. Kristen reupholstered chair

Like most of the chairs seen here, this one is also an antique-looking piece, with a vintage design and bohemian look. The chair was in pretty good shape but it needed a makeover. So the wooden structure was painted and the old upholstery was removed and replaced with this new one. Now the chair feature mismatched printed fabrics that still have that vintage look but that definitely look a little fresher than the old one.{found on ds}


6. Chairs from spruce

This odd-looking chair wasn’t very damaged but it looked old and it needed a new image. A group of six students managed to turn it into a whole new piece using green upholstery techniques, non-toxic wood gloss and organic batting. The new version features a beautiful organic cotton fabric upholstery with a floral print. It’s a happy-looking chair.{found on ds}

7. Danielle chairs

This pair of chairs had a very old look, a sort of antique but not in the good sense of the word. The color of the upholstery wasn’t helping either. I definitely wouldn’t like to have those in my home. But after a drastic makeover, here’s the new result. The chair got a new look, the skirts were removed and the legs were painted dark. This creates a nice contrast with the light colored fabric used. That’s something I could sit in all day.{found on ds}

8. Jessica and Susan reupholstered chair

If you look at the “before” picture, you’ll see that this was a very ugly chair. It looked ld and dusty and not at all usable. But after painting the wooden structure dark and replacing the upholstery with a more fun pattern in fresh and bright colors, it was a brand new chair. It must be very comfortable as well, since the cat looks so relaxed there.{found on ds}

9. Lisa Chair

This chair looked pretty good compared to others we’ve seen here. However, it still had an old appearance and it needed a new look. The velvet was torn so it had to be replaced. The wooden structure was painted for a glossy and fresh look and the upholstery was replaced with a similar-looking version. The colors are approximately the same and the print makes it stand out.{found on ds}

10. Susie reupholstered chair

Here’s a chair that suffered a more dramatic change. As you can see, the old version was pretty damaged. It had a grandma-like look that needed to be changed. The chair got a new finish for a more modern look. The old tapestry fabric was removed and replaced with a brighter and fresher version. The colors pop and they make the new chair stand out. It was a very successful makeover.{found on ds}

11. Heather reupholstered chair

These chairs date back to the 1930s and they were found at a garage sale for $8 a piece. The structure was not badly damaged but the upholstery was in bad shape and needed some attention. The fabric was replaced with a new one and there was enough material to remake the pillows as well. The chairs now have a more modern look and they are ready to be used in the living room for example, where they can make comfortable sitting places.{found on ds}

12. Cristine and Kirsten chair

Here’s another surprising makeover suffered by an old armchair in desperate need of attention. Structurally the chair was relatively good but it still needed a few adjustments. The challenge was of course the upholstery. It had a very old look, dusty and damaged. It was replaced with a very bright floral fabric that makes you feel like you’re in vacation in a tropical place. The wooden structure was painted in a bright tone of light blue that matches well with the floral pattern. The new chair definitely look happier and I’m sure the owner does too.{found on ds}

13. Ryan Chair

This poor was rescued from a flea market. It had been painted hot pink with standard house paint, including all the caning and the stitching. That’s something that we don’t recommend anyone would ever do. After numerous sanding sessions and a lot of elbow grease the chair was restored to its original structure. Of course, it still needed another color choice so it was reupholstered and got a fresh look. Now it looks better then it ever did.{found on ds}

14. Colorful Chair

In case you wanted some diversity, here’s an office chair that was just as damaged as the other ones. The structure was stable and actually in good shape but the upholstery was old and looked pretty bad. This chair was the perfect base for a new creation, with a completely different look. The fabric was replaced with a very bright and fun pattern. The big prints look very beautiful and the black base makes the colors pop up. It’s a great way of creating original and personalized furniture without spending much money.{found on ds}

15. Holly Chair

This ugly-looking chair was something that nobody wanted in their home. But it had potential and all it needed was a little attention, some time and a new upholstery. The old yellow fabric looked old but the color wasn’t that bad. The wooden structure got a new finish and the old fabric was replaced by a combination of white and blue striped and a grain sack. The colors go well together and the idea of suing a grain sack was very clever and ingenious.{found on ds}

16. Jamie Chair

These interesting-looking chairs weren’t damaged and they weren’t very old either. However, they needed a new look, a little more colorful and with some happier patterns. So they have been repainted in a beautiful tone of blue and the grey fabric was replaced with a white and blue one with a happier pattern. They have a fresher look and they don’t seem so sober anymore.{found on ds}

17. Joëlle chair

Here’s another example of how patterns and color choices can make a big difference. This chair was in good shape but it needed a makeover because the upholstery was old and not at all attractive. The chair was painted and this time two colors were used: white and brown. The upholstery was removed and the fabric was replaced with a more dynamic pattern. Now the chair got a more modern look and it’s ready to be sued again.{found on ds}

18. Wooly makeover chair

If you have an old chair that you don’t really like but that’s still in good shape and could be used for another few years, a great way of reintroducing it in the décor is to cover it with a thick fabric that would hide it’s shape and would make it seem like a new piece. This chair got a wooly makeover and now it looks cozy and very inviting. It was a very quick makeover and the result is quite impressive.{found on ds}
19. Modern chair

This old chair didn’t look very good, but not because it was damaged but because of the bad color choice on the upholstery. It made the chair look very old and it wasn’t pleasant to look at either. So it was removed and replaced with a happier choice, with brighter colors and a very nice floral pattern. Two different pattern were used but the color go very well together and the whole design seems compact and definitely more modern.{found on ds}

20. Chair for nursery

Rocking chairs always remind us of grandma. They are very interesting and very cozy pieces of furniture. They are also hard to find nowadays so if you have an old one don’t just throw it away. It can be saved and turned into a new chair in no time. This one had an old look but it was in good shape and all it needed was some new fabric and a new finish. After getting a fun pattern on the upholstery it seemed like a new chair. It was ready to go in the nursery.{found on ds}

21. Will chair

Here’s a nice-looking chair that definitely had potential. It looked old and dirty but it was because of the paint. After being cleaned up and painted in white it was a brand new chair. It only needed a little color and that was achieved by adding a very beautiful rose and three simple silver stripes along the structure. Now it’s modern chair ready to be used in the kitchen, dining area, even on the deck or terrace.{found on ds}

22.n Green Chair

This vintage chair was not in very good shape. It needed a few repairs here and there and, of course, a new fabric. Even though it had a vintage design, it could still make a great additional in a more traditional home, as long as the upholstery was changed. So the fabric was removed and replaced with a happier green and white pattern. The base was also painted white. Now the chair seems perfectly functional and quite comfortable as well. It would look very beautiful in a garden, surrounded by nature.{found on ds}

23. Clean Chair

This poor little chair didn’t look as old as other ones we’ve seen here. However it looked neglected and not very appropriate for any kind of home. It’s a very simple chair and all it needed was some paint and some fabric. It was cleaned and painted in a brighter color and the upholstery was replaced with something more colorful that matched the new paint. The back has also been upholstered using the same colors but a different pattern.{found on ds}

24. Elegant Chair

These antique-looking chairs were in good shape so they didn’t need much attention in that area. However, they looked a little too old for our century and they needed a change. After repainting the chairs in a more neutral color, they’ve also been reupholstered. This time the color contrast was a little more subtle and a floral pattern has been chosen. It looks delicate and elegant and the vintage wooden structure is a very beautiful detail.{found on ds}

25. Steven chair

Here’s another office chair that needed a makeover but this time the colors are more quiet, but still fun. The chair had a metal frame and structure that was in good shape and didn’t need any adjustments. However, the arms needed some attention. So they’ve been scraped, sanded and varnished and they look like new again. The upholstery was old and damaged and it’s been replaced with maharam fabric. The result was a colorful and comfortable office chair, ready to be used at work.{found on ds}

26. Julia chair

Unlike modern chairs, the old ones had heavy and complicated designs, they took more space and they were difficult to move around. However, those designs are what draws us and makes us like them. We now appreciate them more and we would like to restore them if possible. Here’s an example of how you can do that. This old armchair has been repainted in a darker color and the upholstery has been removed, the fabric has been replaced and then everything was put back together. Now it looks very different than the way it did before. The new fabric is more colorful and the whole chair looks more modern.{found on ds}

27. Amanda Chair

This royal beauty definitely had potential. The structure was in pretty good shape and the chair didn’t look bad either. It just had that old look that needed to be changed. First the wooden structure was painted in a very beautiful tone of grey. Then it was time to change the upholstery. The old brown one was removed and replaced with a more colorful fabric that also had a nice pattern. The blue, yellow and grey look very beautiful together and the whole process was a big success. This chair looks good enough to be taken in a modern or contemporary home.{found on ds}

28. Last Reupholstered Chair

This chair looks almost funny when you look at it. It has a robust shape but, in the same time, it looks delicate and soft. Its curved shape looked like it would look better in a different color, a lighter one. So the chair had been reupholstered using a floral pattern and a white and grey fabric. Now the chair has a fresher look and it seems more cozy then it previously did.{found on ds}

So if you have an old chair that you don’t like anymore, don’t just throw it away. It deserved a second chance. All you need is some time and imagination and you can turn an old and ugly chair into a new one in no time. If you don’t feel ready to do it yourself, ask a professional. It’s a great alternative when you feel like you got bored of the same old furniture and you’d like something new. You don’t need to go buy new one, you can still use the old pieces to get something original and far more interesting than the standard designs.

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