19 Unexpected, versatile and very practical pull-out shelf storage ideas

We often encounter challenges when we deal with all the things that need to be stored in our home. But for every item that needs to be stored there is usually a designated space and a storage solution that await to be discovered. Open shelves, drawers and secret compartments are just a few examples but there are many more storage solutions that can be explored and used. For example, pull-out shelf storage is also very practical and versatile.

This storage method can be adapted to any room of the house. For example, in the kitchen it can be a space-saving solution that also allows you to keep the room clean, organized and clutter-free. You can hide the compartments behind cabinet doors in order to maintain a cohesive décor.

Pull-out drawers are particularly great in wine cellars. They allow you to safely store your wine bottles where they can be seen and where they are easily accessible, without wasting much space. You can have them stacked one on top of the other.

This storage option is also particularly practical in small spaces such as the bathroom. Here there’s usually not much space for storage but you can always find the space for some pull-out shelves. Use them to store lotions, shampoo bottles but also towels and other items.

the space under the staircase is also a wonderful opportunity to add some more storage. Use pull-out shelves to take full advantage of this space and be clever and inventive. It’s an area that can be turned into a bookcase or a storage area for miscellaneous items.

Pull-out shelves are also especially practical and space-efficient in the kitchen. They are wonderful for storing spices or jars. In general, they are used for all sorts of small and diverse items that together from the miscellaneous category and that usually are stored in the same area.

But there is also another space where pull-out shelves can be especially useful. It’s the closet. If you have a large walk-in closet then you want everything inside to be nicely organized and easy to find. Pull-out shelves are wonderful for storing shoes.

Here’s another example of a beautifully-organized walk-in closet that features pull-out shelves used for storing shoes. It’s a simple solution that also allows you to organize your shoes into categories and to always know where to find the pair you need.

A small bathroom doesn’t have much space that can be used for storage. It’s why built-in spaces are particularly practical and space-efficient. Here we have a example of a small bathroom with pull-out shelves hidden behind white doors.

the laundry room is another area that’s usually difficult to decorate. There are usually lots of things that need to be stored here but the space is limited. By using pull-out shelves you could save some space and it could all be hidden in a built-in space behind a door.

This traditional kitchen seems to be very well-organized and to have plenty of storage space, despite its limited dimensions. Notice that the cabinets have doors that open to reveal a system of pull-out shelves, very practical and wonderful for storing all sorts of things.

A pull-out shelf would also be a very nice addition to the laundry room and not just for storage purposes. For example, if you have a table, island or cabinet, you can have pull-out shelves installed and you can use them as mini-desks for folding clothes.

The entry is another area where there are too many items that need to be stored and too little space to make it happen. It’s why you need to be clever and inventive. For example, by opting for pull-out shelves, you reveal tons of storage space for accessories, shoes, bags, etc. and it can all be hidden behind a closet door.

A home office is also difficult to decorate because of all the items and things that need to be stored. Items such as the printer or all the files are usually the ones that take up lots of space. But you can use pull-out shelves to store them all.

This contemporary kitchen also takes advantage of the pull-out shelving system. As you can see, there’s plenty of space in that narrow niche for all the spices, jars and other similar supplies and items. It’s simple, practical and it takes all those items out of the way.

Pull-out shelves used in the kitchen can also be practical for other reasons as well. For example, you could have them installed in your cabinet and use them to store pots and dishes. This way you won’t have to look inside trying to get out the item you need. You can just pull out the shelf and select the item easily.

Again, this kitchen definitely saves the owner some space with those pullout storage compartments. Nicely hidden in the cabinet, all those items are out of the way but still close at hand whenever they are needed.

The entry, the mudroom or the walk-in closet are all places where pull-out shelves could be used as a shoe-storage system. Hide all your shoes there and organize them as you want. You’ll always know here to find them and yet they will remain invisible the rest of the time.

Spacious and traditional closet shows us exactly how practical and easy to hide pull-out shelves are. They can be hidden behind drawers and they can become extra desk spaces or mini-tables whenever you need a space to place something onto for a while.

If you have lots of books but don’t want your living room or office to become a huge bookcase or library, you can use pull-out shelves to cleverly store them and this way you can also better organize them. You don’t have to see them all to always know where they are.

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