17 More DIY wall Art Ideas

Continuing the idea from our previous article we are now back with even more creative suggestions. So here are our new suggestions for DIY wall art. We hope you enjoy them and hopefully you’ll find something in there that suits your style. Maybe you could even recreate one of these project this weekend and either keep it or gift it to someone you love.

Instagram wall art.

The supplies you need for this project are Instagram photos, a canvas, matte Mod Podge and a paint brush. First take the photos and arrange them in the order you want. When you’re happy with the arrangement, adhere them to the canvas one by one using Mod Podge. Then just let it dry and display it in your home.{found on abeautifulmess}.

DIY postcard collage.

Postcards are great souvenirs and they bring back precious memories. So if you like postcards and already have a nice collection, you can use them to make a great collage to display on a wall in your home. You can also use polaroid pictures or clippings from magazines. Just gather them all and arrange them as you like. Then attach them to a wall or any other surface.{found on ideastosteal}.

DIY string wall art.

Another very simple idea is to just use a long piece of string or anything similar and come up with shapes and designs to create an interesting display for a wall in your home. You can paint the string or leave it as such and the design can be random. It will be original and quite unusual as well.

Bubble wall art.

This is another very simple but also creative and fun to do project. The supplies needed are a stretched canvas, a big paint brush, scissors, white acrylic paint, Mod Podge and tissue paper in primary colors. First take the canvas and apply a coat of white paint on it. Let it dry.

Then cut three circles out of tissue paper. Use different sizes and get creative. Play around with them until you find an arrangement that you’re happy with. Lay them on top of each other and new colors will appear. Lay a thin coat of Mod Podge where you want the first circle to go and lay it down slowly while smoothing the air bubbles and wrinkles. Do the same for the other two circles. Add another coat of Mod Podge and you’re done.{found on mrhandsomeface}.

Abstract wall art.

For this project you’ll need a hammer, nails, tape measure, binder clips and, of course, the artwork. To make abstract photographs you can, for example, just take your digital camera and shake it a lot as you take photos.

You could also find some pictures on the internet and print them out. Then place the binder clips near each of the top two corners of your prints and use a tape measure to determine the distance between the clips. Then mark where the nails should go on the wall. Hammer the nails into the wall and then simply hang your art.{found on twinkleandtwine}.

Picture collage.

For this project instructions are not even necessary. All you have to do is gather some photos that you like. Make sure they have the same dimensions. Then decide exactly how you should arrange them on the wall. Once you decided, attach them one by one. Try to respect the distance in between and to follow a straight line.{found on flickr}.

Patterned wall art.

To make a similar project you first need a canvas. Then measure where you want the stripes to be positioned and, using painter’s tape, mask out your design. Then spray paint the canvas with gold spray paint. Using acrylic paints, start layers colors onto the canvas. Let everything dry and then peel the tape back.{found on theembellishednest}.

Typographic string art.

This is not a difficult project but it requires a lot of time and patience. You’ll need ½’’ oe ¾’’ plywood, 1¼’’ flat heat nails, a hammer, needlenose pliers, a computer and a printer or a projector and string or yarn. First design your piece. Then cut the wood or plywood to size and paint or stain it. Create a pattern from the original art and add dots for each nail to the pattern. Then transfer the dots onto the plywood and start nailing. After that, simply add the thread. At first you can do it randomly and then add the finishing touches for a uniform look.{found on manmadediy}.

House number wall art.

Some of the materials needed for this project may differ from case to case. Here, for example, some cabinetry samples were sued along with house numbers. These two elements were put together and turned into a piece of modern art. Small holes were drilled in each piece of cabinetry and then the numbers were nailed in place. Of course, you can improvise.{found on madincrafts}.

Framed wall art.

You don’t need a sophisticated painting to make your house look beautiful. With a little creativity, you can frame almost anything, even a wooden spoon, and turn it into wall art. You’ll need a frame, some spray paint, a swatch of fabric, a staple gun, some wooden spoons and hanging nails. Frist tape off what you don’t want painted and spray paint the frame. Sand the edges down and then cut the fabric to fit the back of the frame. Staple it and attach the spoons with nails. Add the hanging nails and you’re done.{found on theblissfulbeeblog}.

Map string art.

For this project you need a 12″ x 12″ board with beveled edges. Then prime and paint it. After that, tape down the template of the state you’ve chosen. Add nails all around the border and then start adding the string. To make it simpler, you can also add a heart shape in the middle. Trim off the extra and display your piece.{found on theharpsterhome}.

Cork board world map.

For this you’ll need an adhesive-back cork roll, map pins, 1 1/2 yards of quilter’s grid, spray adhesive, 2-x4’ plywood handy panel, a map template, masking tape, a staple gun, glue, masking paper, shite spray paint and scissors. First print out the map template and tape together the pages. Cut out the continents and islands. Print out an extra map template. Then apply two coats of white spray paint to the plywood panel and let it dry.

Turn it over and line up the grid line with the long edges of the panel. Staple the edges of the fabric to the wood and cover it with masking tape. Apply spray adhesive to the painted side of the panel, unmask the fabric and wrap it around onto the spray adhesive. Stick the continents and islands to the panel and let it dry.{found on manmadediy}.

Paint swatch wall art.

The supplies needed are a large frame with paper insert, lots of paint chips, double-sided tape squares and vinyl letters. Experiment with the color layout and start attaching double-sided tape to each corner of each paint chip. Continue until you’re happy with the result and display your creation.{found on abeautifulmess}.

Hanging friendly art.

This is a fun and creative project. All you need is basically print out or draw a few designs and then attach them to wood hangers. Add a few nails to the wall and hang everything there. It’s simple and it’s original.{found on oldbrandnewblog}.

Enlarged photo art.

Start with a photo that you like and enlarge it to 36 x 24 inches. Then use rulers to divide it into 6×4’’ sections. Print out each section and then take a large piece of foam core. Cut the foam core down to fit the frame and then draw a grid to make sure that each picture is straight. Pin each photo into the foam core. Frame it and display it.{found on betterremade}.


To make a similar gallery you simply need to print out your Instagram photos and use magnets to attach them to a magnetic board. Make sure the magnets are strong enough. They should be simple and they should all have the same dimensions and shape.{found on myhomesweethomeonline}.

Button monogram.

This is one of those projects that take time but that are also fun to make. For this one you need a printer, scissors, cardstock, a pen, adhesive, a paper piercer, buttons and brads and a frame without glass. Begin by cutting cardstock large enough to fit in your frame. Then print out the letter, cut it out and place it in the center of the cardstock. Trace the lines onto the paper and then start placing the large buttons and/or brads onto the cardstock using adhesive.{found on americancrafts}.

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