10 Creative Ideas For Reusing Toilet Paper Tubes

It might sound weird or strange, but toilet paper tubes are great for lots of different projects. They can be recycled and reused in many ways and most of the projects are quite inspiring. We’ve selected a few ideas for you to take a look at. Maybe you’d like to try some yourself these days.

Easy gift packing from tubes.

We’re going to start with something simple and fun: treats. Here’s what you need for this project: toilet paper rolls, hot glue, paper ribbon, mod podge, small candy, a ruler, labels, scrapbook and scissors.

Measure the width of the tube and then wrap it in paper. Apply a coat of mod podge and let dry. Then bend one end of the tube down and then the other side as well. Flip the tube over and fill it with candy. Bend the ends on the other side as well and add the ribbon.{found on violetpaperwings}.

Race cars.

Another fun idea would be to make race cars out of toilet paper rolls. First gather some tubes and colored paper. Wrap them in paper, each in a different color. Cut the wheels out of cardboard and paint them black. Add a small white circle in the center. Cut out a space in the tubes foe drivers to fit in and don’t forget about the steering wheel. At the end paint the numbers on the cars and have fun.{found on kiflieslevendula}.

Pencil holders.

You can also use toilet paper tubes to make all sorts of useful things for your home or even for your office. For example, here’s a nice organizer. It’s very easy to make. You just need an empty box and a bunch of toilet paper tubes which you have to fit inside. You can glue them if you want or you can leave them as such.

Roll Seed Pots.

Since spring is almost here, maybe you’ll want to make some seed pots for your plants. Toilet paper rolls would be perfect for that. First make a series of cuts around one edge. Then fold down and tabs to obtain a flat bottom. After that, fill it with potting soil and add the seeds.{found on site}.

Cable organization.

As you know, having cords and wires sticking out all over is very unpleasant. So here’s a simple method for keeping them nice and organized. You just need a toilet paper tube. The idea is to wrap it in nice paper to give it a beautiful look. Then use it to neatly store all your cords, cables and wires.

DIY Toilet Paper Tube Organizer.

And since we were talking about cables and wires, you probably have plenty of these things in your home and they probably all need to be stored somewhere. Here’s an idea for a very nice organizer. To make it you need a box and lots of toilet paper tubes. The tubes will serve as individual storage compartments for your cables and wires. They will now be neatly stored and they’ll also be all in one place.

DIY Wreath.

You can also use toilet paper tubes to make all sorts of decorations for your home. For example, you could make a wreath. It’s actually pretty simple. First collect around 20 toilet paper rolls. Flatten the rolls and cut them into strips of about 1.5’’ wide. Use a plate or something round and a guide and then create a base for the wreath. Use hot glue to keep the pieces together. Continue to arrange them in a circle until you’re happy with the design.{found on site}.

Wall art.

Here’s another interesting decoration: a flower for the wall. To make it you’ll need toilet paper rolls, a hot glue gun and spray paint. First flatten the rolls and cut them into 1’’ circles. Then glue them together and start creating the flower. Then paint it any color you want, let it dry and put it up on the wall. You can also make other shapes that you like.{found on thisincredible}.

Toilet Paper Roll Bird Feeder.

When spring comes, one of the most beautiful things is seeing all the birds coming back. If you want to give them a nice welcome, then surprise them with a lovely feeder. You can make one using toilet paper rolls. You’ll also need a knife, peanut butter, ribbon or twine and bird seeds. Cut the rolls in half and spread peanut butter on them. Roll the tubes in cereal and then in bird seed, tie the rools together and hang them on a tree.{found on tpcraft}.

Mini Garden.

We’ve just presented you a project that shows you how to turn a toilet paper tube into a planter for the seeds. Here’s a similar project. The different this time is that the tubes are kept intact and organized in a box. There’s soil at the base and inside each tube. It’s nice to see all the plants in one place and to compare their progress.

Published by in DIY Projects, on February 19th, 2013


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