Wire Crate Chandelier

Chandeliers represents a cathegory in the bigger lighting fixtures cathegory where normal ideas about electricity and interior illumination are torn apart and replaced with some that might have a bigger impact on their destined environment.To prove my point let’s take a closer look at this particular chandelier.It is basically a cage made from a wooden frame with reinforced metal corners and wire protecting the content.

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Inside “the precious cargo” is represented by 4 special light bulbs that are sold separately and can only have 60W.Since we started talking about the effect things like that create you can see why this quite beautiful in essence chandelier looks the way it looks.I would have to say that I personally can only see this in a rustic environment filled with bare stone walls and rough old wooden beams sticking out of the ceiling.

The perfect décor in my mind also includes uneven stairs that climb towards an upper level like you see in old castles . As big fireplace also has to be present and I’m thinking at one that looks like those in old English stone houses.After all I think I would really enjoy having a late dinner with a low-light atmosphere with our shade dancing on the walls from the fire that burns rapidly through the longs put in the fireplace. Yeah, that’s a perfect picture!Available for 1,398$.