Why You Should Change Your Décor with the Seasons

In the summer you might feel the need for lots of natural light and fresh fabrics; in the colder months, however, you might wish for warmer interiors and textures. Here are some easy ways to achieve great décor that works with the seasons.

Summer Lovin’.

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Lighten up for the Hot Months

Summer time calls to mind the feeling for décor that is fresh and light. This means replacing heavy colors and warm fabrics. Some great summer colors include yellow and light orange, along with soft greens that always give a room a flash of elegance.

Falling for Autumn.

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Shades of Orange Highlight the Season

Fall or Autumn is when the season starts to cool down a bit, but it’s also one of the most colorful times of the year! Look to the trees for some color inspiration. Burnt orange is a very trendy color for this time of year and it looks exceptional against white furniture accents.

Winter Warmers.

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Fabrics Create Warmer Décor

Think warm and soft fabrics for winter. Choose upholstery that makes you want to touch them: suede and velvet are great choices because of their comfort factor. Richer, darker colors and heavier patterns can also work well in the colder months. However, a bit of light in the room is also a good choice because you don’t want it to become too dark, and this can be achieved with the use of lamps.

Spring in your Step.

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Draw Inspiration from Nature

Spring is the time for fresh beginnings. It’s also when the buds are bursting, so bring some of nature’s wonder inside in the form of floral prints and rustic wood textures.

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Tips and Tricks for Savoring the Seasons

It’s not always easy or viable to completely overhaul your décor to fit in with the seasons, but there are some shortcuts you can take in the form of DIY tricks.

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Spring DIY Trick: Floral Accessories

If you don’t have much money to dedicate to updating your summery décor, bring in flowers from the garden and place them in various rooms. This is an easy way to achieve bright colors and reflect the blooms outside.

Summer DIY Trick: A Fresh Coat of Paint.

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A Brand New Color Makes a World of Difference

Repainting the walls or even just an item of furniture is an easy way to invigorate a room in your home. Choose a fresh color that makes the room appear lighter and infuses energy into it.

Autumn: Mix in Metal.

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Get on the Metal Trend

Metal accessories are a favorite for the Fall as they give the room more personality. They also can look rustic and blend well with aged wood.

Winter: Optimise Natural Light.

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Bring in Some Sun

This is a great way to boost the heat in your home during winter as well as provide some cozy, sunlight spots where you can relax and unwind.

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