Whitaker Chair by Jonathan Adler

Jonathan Adler is a famous American designer of Jewish origins who invented an original approach to home design called “happy chic”. This Whitaker Chair by Jonathan Adler is very nice and looks great. That is because it is pretty different from all the other chairs I have seen so far. The chair does not have legs like all normal chairs, but it is supported by a very sturdy wooden base. Actually the material is called walnut veneer.

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6736603aa68c656008076b30a9ac181a image  300x300The chair is very large and comfortable, almost like an armchair without arms. The seat is high and offers a large prospective around it. It is available in Malibu Sand or Stockholm Saffron and it looks great, being the center of attention in your living room. It is available for purchasing for $2,250 and if you like it, order it directly on the designer’s web site. You will see it’s perfect for most homes, both for modern and retro looking ones.