DIY Picture Ledge, The Updates Gallery Wall

I wanted to add some pictures to a wall and I love them being done in a collage way. A picture ledge is the way I decided to go. You can follow this tutorial to make one for yourself.

What we need

– 4 boards that are 2” wide – 2 boards that are 1” wide – sandpaper – dark walnut stain – drill – screws

Let's make DIY Picture Ledge


Prep the wood: I purchased four 3 ft. longboards that are 2 inches wide. And two 3ft longboards that are 1 inch wide. The two wider ones will be the back and bottom. And the smaller width one will be the front ledge.

Stain the boards: I put gloves on, dipped the soft cloth into the stain. Then wipe from left to right going with the wood grain. Keep it moving and rub it in, you will be good to go. I did one coat.


Drill the holes: I used a drill to make a hole in the wood. I used three to connect them all together. Making the hole first was best to make the screw go in easier.


Mount the shelf onto the wall with screws: With the first two boards attached, then attach the same way with the smaller front ledge. You can either use wood glue or screws.


Add your pictures: When adding the pictures and accessories have fun with it. The wonderful thing about the picture ledge is you can do a little more then just a gallery wall of pictures. I added some shells, and letters that normally just sit on a table.


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