DIY Concrete Plant Stand Shaped Like A Hand

Doing concrete crafts is a lot of fun, especially when you get to play with interesting shapes, With that in mind, today we’re going to check out this DIY hand-shaped planter which is actually surprisingly easy to make.

What we need

– concrete mix – water – 2 plastic bowls – plastic spoon – rubber or latex gloves – rubber band – big glass jar with a wide mouth – sandpaper

Let's make DIY Concrete Plant Stand


Place the glove inside the jar and fold the cuff over: Take the glove and insert it into the jar, then fold the cuff over the mouth of the jar so it’s secure and stays like that as you later fill it with concrete.

Mix the concrete with water: Place your concrete powder in a bowl, the pour some water over it and mix with a spoon. Once again, use disposable materials because you’re not going to get them back after this.


Pour the concrete mixture into the glove:You should move pretty fast at this point because you don’t want the concrete mixture to harden before you’re finished. Start taking some of the mixture out with a spoon and pour it into the glove.


Close the glove shut with a rubber band: When you’re done pouring the concrete into the glove, take it out of the jar and close the top shut using a rubber band. You could also tie a knot but it’s just easier this way.


Give it the desired shape: Take your glove filled with concrete and position it in the desired shape. You could use another bowl to lift the fingers at an angle and to make it look as if the the hand is actually holding something.


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