6 Best Places to Recycle Electronics

There are numerous ways to recycle electronics and keep them out of landfills. According to The World Counts, e-waste accounts for up to 70% of toxic waste, with consumers recycling only about 12.5% of old electronics.

While recycling an old phone, computer, or TV may seem like an extra task on your to-do list, proper electronic disposal contributes to a healthier planet. So, if you’re ready to recycle, wipe your device of its memory and participate in one of these programs.

Recycle Electronics

Participate in a Trade-In Program When You Upgrade

Instead of hanging onto your old phone or tablet when you upgrade, trade it in. Many times trading in old phones can earn you a credit toward your new phone.

Apple, for example, will credit you $40 – $630 on a new iPhone upgrade, depending on the condition of your trade-in. Communications giant AT&T also has a generous trade-in program you can participate in via mail or in-store.

No matter the brand or service company, there’s likely a trade-in program for your old phone.

Take the Electronic to a Retailer’s Recycle Program

If you have a combination of electronics to recycle, save yourself multiple trips by using a retailer recycling program.

Best Buy – Most Best Buy locations allow you to recycle up to three electronics per household per day. These include computers, smartphones, tablets, TVs, radios, cameras, printers, ink, and toner. If you don’t live close to a Best Buy, you can request mail-in recycling services for a fee.

Staples – You can recycle most types of electronics at Staples, including computers, laptops, printers, webcams, scanners, stylus pens, and more.

Research Local e-Waste Disposal Days

Check your local county or city community action website to inquire about local e-waste collection days. Many municipalities host e-waste collection days a few times per year, where residents can drop off all old electronics.

Donate Your Old Electronics

If your electronics are in good working condition, donate them. You can list them for free on Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist or drop them off at your local Goodwill.

Goodwill accepts most CPUS, flat-screen TVs, DVD players, and laptops. Most Salvation Army locations also accept computers, TVs, and mobile phones. The items that Goodwill and Salvation Army take vary by location, so call ahead of time.

Recycle and Cash In Old Electronics On Amazon

Amazon offers trade-ins for electronics that are in good condition and recycling for older items. With the trade-in program, you can earn an Amazon gift card and 25% off a new Amazon electronic. If your item doesn’t have trade-in value, you can still recycle it by mailing it in.

Amazon accepts most small household electronics but doesn’t accept larger items such as TVs.

Try Walmart Gadgets to Gift Cards

Like Amazon’s Trade-In program, Walmart will give you a gift card for sending in qualifying electronics. In their Gadget to Gift Card program, you can search for your device, answer a few questions about it, and then print a prepaid shipping label. After Walmart receives and inspects the item, they’ll issue you a gift card.

Walmart C-Exchange accepts cell phones, tablets, game consoles, speakers, laptops, and wearables.

Where to Recycle or Dispose of Batteries from Your Electronics

If you’ve had to replace a battery in your laptop, phone, or other gadget, or you need to dispose of the battery before recycling, take it to one of these locations:

  • Home Depot – Drop off rechargeable batteries and cell phones in a Call2Recycle bin
  • Staples – Free recycling of rechargeable batteries less than 11 lbs.