Warm and Friendly Hug Lounge Sofa by Leif.designpark

People are sensitive human beings and love to express their feelings through gestures and other ways related to their body language. They like to show their affection and the way they care about the others. Kisses, hugs, caresses are ways to show us our affection towards the others. Still there are persons who are not so enthusiastic about showing their feelings and they are colder and more distant than the others who are very friendlier and more open. They do not express their feelings too easily in front of the others and like to be very discrete. They prefer to choose an object or something else to help them express their feelings.

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If you want to feel a friendly hug from a comfortable piece of furniture then you will definitely choose the Hug Lounge Sofa designed by Leif.designpark. It is a modern sofa which takes the shape of large embrace. Here you will feel comfortable and nice like in warm embrace of your beloved person.

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Those who are interested in such a friendly piece of furniture must know that Hug Lounge Sofa is available in different nuances and fabrics. You may choose from solid American black walnut or American white oak. Its generous dimensions of w.38 4/7″ x d.30 1/3″ x h.29 7/8″ and seat height: 16 4/7″ will make your seating place more comfortable and pleasant.The modern design and friendly shape will make of Hug Lounge Sofa create an attractive  and pleasant place where you can rest or enjoy some great relaxing moments in front of your TV or talking to your friends.