Wallpaper Trends for 2011

Wallpaper has been one of the most popular items spotted on the walls all across the globe since the last few years. People are using wallpapers in different parts of their home starting from the powder room to the main living area. Till now people were limited to use the wallpapers only for the accent walls. However, the trend forecast for the year 2011 is completely different. You may expect the entire room to be dressed in wallpapers.

Nature inspired wallpapper

Printable wallpapers – printable wallpapers are definitely going to rule the interiors of a home this year. Printable wallpapers would definitely gain immense popularity as they are a perfect hybrid between dressing a wall with wallpaper and painting it. The idea of printable wallpapers is to allow the home owners customize their own wallpapers according to their taste. If the design trends change the next year, you may impart a new look with a coat of primer and a different color scheme.

Bold wallpapperhome design

Tone on tone – The year 2010 witnessed bold print but the year 2011 is going to witness something entirely different. Subdued look is the latest trend and as a result, tone on tone wallpapers would be the correct choice. Tone on tone wallpapers features double tone designs and colors. Creating a dramatic statement with these wallpapers is definitely going to be very easy. In addition, they can also be installed in areas such as guest rooms, entryways, corridors, closed balcony and staircase.

Metallic wallpaper for walls

Feminine bedroom metallic wallpaper

Metallic – It is doubtless that metallic designs are highly attention grabbing. From rich bronzes and sharp silvers to soft gold, metallic wallpapers are a fantastic way to add decadence and instant glamour to a space.
Hand painted wallpapers – for those who prefer decent look and design, for them hand painted wallpapers would be the ideal selection. Some reputated companies are also planning to offer the opportunity to customers to select their preferred designs and placing orders for their customized wallpapers.

Nature inspired wallpapper1

Nature inspired earthy and green tones – besides the above mentioned wallpaper trends, nature inspired earthy and green tones are set to rule the base color of the wallpapers.  As these colors are neutral, no colors shall clash with it, and the wallpapers can be easily pasted on the walls of any area of a house.