How To Turn Wallpaper Into A Design Lampshade

Hands up who wants to have a free (ok, almost free) design lamp at home? Yes, me too! Lamps are one of those items that can definitely break the bank and make you wonder why these paper lampshades are so expensive? As much as I love and appreciate the design aspects of it, I do get the point that the price tags are sometimes hard to deal with, so I thought I would show you an alternative way to get, what you see in shops. Today we will be making, design inspired, folded paper lampshade, are you excited?

Wallpaper into a lampshade

Creating a new shade for your lamp is a very quick and easy way to change the look and feel of a room, with plenty custom possibilities.
With a little bit of precision and neat detail, you can finish it and make look professional, the way that nobody would ever believe that it’s done by you!  So let’s get into it and make some pretty lampshades today:

You will need:

  • big paper or a roll of wallpaper
  • very big round object or  – to draw the perfect circle shape (I used a plant plate)
  • pencil
  • scissors
  • double sided tape.


1. Lay the wallpaper on the floor or desk, making sure that the color part is facing out.

Wallpaper into a lampshade - Lay wallpaper

2. Use your round object to draw a circle shape on the wallpaper.

Wallpaper into a lampshade - round object

3. Cut the circle shape out.

Wallpaper into a lampshade - Circle shaped
Wallpaper into a lampshade - Fold

4. Fold circle shape in half, making sure that you crease it well.

Wallpaper into a lampshade - fold circle againn

5. Fold the circle again, but this time to the opposite side.

Wallpaper into a lampshade - opposite

6. Make a cut on one of the creases, halfway through the circle shape.

Wallpaper into a lampshade - cut

7. In order to make sure that your lamp shade has equal folds, make a pre-lines half-way through each part, before folding them. This little trick will keep your folds equal. Fold 1/4 of the circle into a half.

Wallpaper into a lampshade - fold the circle

8. Then fold 1/8 of the circle into a half.

Wallpaper into a lampshade - start folding

9. Now your pre-lines are ready so you can start folding the circle, just like an ‘accordion.’

Wallpaper into a lampshade - accordeon

10. Fold one side up, one side down and so on, until you reach the end of the 1/4.

Wallpaper into a lampshade - repeat

11. Repeat the procedure with the remaining 3/4 of the circle.

Wallpaper into a lampshade - almost done

12. When you are finished your circle should look like this.

Wallpaper into a lampshade - color

13. If you want to change the color of the lamp wire, you can do it so by wrapping 2 rows of washi tape around. I have changed mine from black to white because it suits the lampshade better.

Wallpaper into a lampshade - lightbulb

14. Wrap the lampshade around the light bulb and combine the two ends with a double sided tape.

Wallpaper into a lampshade design

15. Ta daa! Your design inspired, paper lampshade is ready now!

Wallpaper into a lampshade - closer
Wallpaper into a lampshade - hang

Has it occurred to you that lampshades can be so easy to make? I’m really tempted to do many more right now in different colors and shapes. If you make one too, let us know, we would love to see your creations!