Walk-In Tub Shower Combo Guide

A walk-in tub shower combo optimizes bathroom space. The combo provides safety and convenience to those who want to take a bath or shower. Adding a walk-in tub shower combo would benefit the elderly and those with physical mobility issues.

Walk-in tub and shower manufacturers make safety their number one priority.

What Is A Walk-In Shower Combo?

Walk-In Tub Shower Combo

A walk-in shower combo is a bathtub with low-entry step thresholds. The feature helps older adults get in and out of their bathtub. While some come with a built-in shower, others have room for an upgrade.

A standing showerhead makes cleaning your shower walls a walk in the park. Most manufacturers include other safety features such as an ADA-compliant seat, anti-slip surface, and shower grab bars.

Luxury options include LED lighting for chromotherapy. Walk-in bathtubs are useful for hydrotherapy and other water therapy techniques. Most walk-in tubs have a provision for installing a shower. You may need to hire a professional for installation to avoid additional or unnecessary expenses.

Who Needs a Combo Walk-In Shower?

  • Disability Patients Those suffering from disabilities need an accessible bathroom. Some tubs are designed to accommodate wheelchairs. Most manufacturers take into consideration the standards set by the Americans with Disability Act (ADA) when designing walk-in tubs.
  • Homeowners Looking to Make Upgrades Adding a walk-in tub would increase your home’s value. Potential buyers who need extra physical care would be attracted to your home if the bathroom had amenities that catered to the elderly.
  • The Elderly Unlike a standard bathtub, walk-in tubs have safety features like grab bars and a low threshold. Older homeowners experience a greater risk of falls. Investing in a walk-in shower combo allows seniors to take a bath with minimal assistance.

In-Demand Walk-In Tub Styles

There are different kinds of walk-in tubs:

Wheelchair-Accessible Tub

You’ll need to pick a walk-in tub with an ADA-compliant seat and high walls. It should also have an L-shaped door that allows you to move from the tub’s seat to your wheelchair.

Tub-Shower Combo

Not all manufacturers offer this version. Some walk-in tubs have a built-in handheld shower, while others have a provision for adding one. If your bathroom has a shower-tub combo, the shower diverter valve allows you to redirect water back and forth between the tub faucet and the showerhead.

Soaker Tub

Walk-in tubs have high walls and an accessible seat. They’re designed to submerge your body and are larger than regular bathtubs. Soaking tubs come in different sizes. Some are longer, while others are shorter but deeper than a typical bathtub.

Jetted Tub

A jetted tub has multiple hydrotherapy nozzles. The jets are attached to flexible pipes that run around the tub. You can pick between water jets, air jets, or both. Whirlpool tubs include water jets that provide muscle relief. The water or air jets massage your body, giving you a therapeutic and comfortable shower experience.

Hydrotherapy Tubs

Whirlpool and air jets spin the tub water, creating bubbles and a hydrotherapy spa experience. Hydrotherapy can improve your health and wellness regardless of age or fitness level.

Bariatric Tubs

A bariatric walk-in tub has a door and seat to accommodate obese people. Most walk-in bathtubs are similar in size; however, bariatric tubs are wider. The tubs have larger doors that make it easier to enter and exit.

What to Look for in a Walk-In Tub-Shower Combo

Here are some features to consider when shopping for a walk-in tub-shower combo.

Safety Features

  • Anti-slip surface: The floors of most walk-in bathtubs are textured, which reduces the risk of bathroom falls. Non-slip floors are crucial in walk-in shower combos because some people like to spend time standing up.
  • Low threshold: A low-threshold shower has a little curb that you need to step over.
  • Built-in grab bars: Grab bars are useful in bathrooms with slippery surfaces. Most walk-in shower combos include a built-in grab bar for extra support.
  • Leak-proof door: The door of a walk-in bath is airtight, preventing water from escaping onto the floor. Most walk-in tubs are equipped with a handle that creates a watertight seal. In addition, because the door opens inward, the pressure of the water prevents it from accidentally opening during a bath.

Luxury Features

  • Self-cleaning jets: The self-cleaning jets recirculate the bath’s existing water. They restrict water circulation to the bathtub’s interior plumbing. The jets focus the flow, resulting in a more thorough cleaning.
  • In-line heater: An in-line heater enables a one-time fill of hot water, eliminating the need for recurring hot water refills. In-line heaters in walk-in tubs keep the water temperature uniform throughout your bath.
  • Anti-scald technology: Anti-scald devices reduce the volume of hot water from the faucet in response to a change in pressure. The feature prevents hot water from reaching the maximum temperature that could scald someone.
  • Quick drain technology: A quick-draining mechanism drains the bath with minimal waiting time for the most relaxing bathing experience. It has an ergonomic design that reduces standing and minimizes waiting time.
  • Shower option: Most walk-in baths come with a fixed showerhead as an option. You can use it while sitting or standing.
  • Chromotherapy LED light: There are walk-in tubs with built-in lights that change the water’s color to enhance your mood. Chromotherapy is a therapeutic form of treatment that helps balance our mental and physical energy.

The Benefits of a Walk-In Tub-Shower Combo

Superb Safety Features

Brands like American Standard or Kohler sell tubs with safety features that would be useful to an elderly or disabled homeowner. Aging people can easily move in and out of the shower. With features such as handrails and a low threshold, it would be easier to mitigate falls.

Extra Comfort

You can choose to purchase a standard walk-in tub or one with luxury features. Walk-in tubs include handrails, a wand showerhead, and a wider seating area to improve your bathing experience. To optimize your physical wellness, some will come with whirlpool jets for hydrotherapy.

Boosts Your Home’s Value

If you’re looking to resell or revamp your home, installing a walk-in tub/shower combo would increase its market value. It’s worth noting that a walk-in tub may be ideal for an elderly individual looking to age in place but might be less appealing to a young family.

Enhances Mobility

Walk-in tubs have added features that enhance mobility, making them ideal for senior citizens. Walk-in bathtubs eliminate the need to extend your legs over the tub’s side. Most walk-in bathrooms have built-in bath lifts for easier access.

Walk-in/Tub Combo Conclusion

Picking the right walk-in tub depends on your needs and preferences. Walk-in tubs have notable safety features that protect senior citizens and people with disability from falls. Most bathroom falls are caused by stepping over standard tubs with restricted mobility.

Some walk-in tubs can be converted into tub-shower combinations by the manufacturer or a plumber. While standard walk-in tubs cost around $2,000, larger ones with therapeutic amenities can cost more than $10,000.