Safe Step Walk-In Tubs

Safe Step walk-in tubs are made for the elderly and those suffering from mobility issues. Walk-in tubs are necessary for hydrotherapy patients. Safe Step tubs are built with doors that make getting in and out of the tub easier and safer.

The tubs have high-quality features ensuring safety, comfort, and freedom from assistance.

Safe Step

Safe Step Walk-In Tubs

Based in Tennessee, the company manufactures and sells walk-in tubs and showers.

The company is known for its tubs and walk-in showers. Their tubs not only offer safety and comfort but have several therapeutic functions.

The step-in tubs have two support grab bars for sitting or standing. The floor and seat have an anti-slip gel coating to prevent slipping.

Why You Need a Safe Step Walk-In Tub

Safe Step walk-in tubs provide a long and relaxing bathing experience. .. When filling your bathtub with hot water anti-scald technology maintains temperatures. The walk-in tubs are about safety and wellness.

Hydro massage jets soothe your body and enhance blood circulation. You can use a Safe Step tub for hydrotherapy, chromotherapy, and aromatherapy. If you’re not sure which model would be beneficial., schedule an in-home visit with a company safety consultant.

Safe Step Walk-In Tub Models Walk-In Shower

The Safe Step walk-in shower is an 8-inch luxurious rain shower head. It also features a handheld wand with three spray patterns. For those with mobility problems, the Safe Step walk-in shower includes a safety seat and a grab bar to offer support when accessing the shower. The shower comes as a complete set, with an anti-slip floor, tile walls, and three shelves for toiletries.

Walk-In Tub

Walk-In Tub

With a low step-in and anti-slip flooring, Safe Step walk-in tubs are easy to access. They’re ideal for hot baths and come with a hand-handled shower. Once seated, you can calibrate the tub’s settings with a control panel.

The tub offers a spa-like experience with chromatography lights and hydro massage jets to help ease joint pains.

Combo Walk-In Tub

Combo Walk-In Tub

This model is a tub and shower rolled into one. The walk-in tub shower combo gives you the experience of taking baths or showers whenever you feel like it. The combo is convenient for the elderly, allowing them to remain seated while taking a shower.

Safe Step Walk-In Tub Features

Safe Step tubs provide safety and luxury features. Every unit has a few features, but you can add more to suit your bathing needs.

Safe Step Safety Features

  • Wide and safe inward-opening door
  • Anti-slip floor and seat
  • Grab bars
  • 4” step-in height for easy access
  • Anti-scald technology
  • No-strength locking handle to open and lock the door
  • Overflow drain and easy lever
  • Sanitary gel coating for easier cleaning

Safe Step Luxury Features

  • Fast heating seat and back (heats in 8 minutes)
  • Handheld shower wand
  • Towel bar to place your towels
  • Quick drain system
  • Chromotherapy lights
  • Electronic keypad and a floating remote to control all features
  • The door opens inwardly, leaving more practical space in the bathroom
  • Ten water jets and air jets for hydrotherapy

Safe Step Cost & Installation

Safe Step installs your walk-in tub at no additional cost. If you require a plumber, you may incur extra charges. The technicians will replace your old tub with the new safe Step tub within a day or two.

They offer a lifetime warranty on their tubs and accessories. Safe Step also has a two-year warranty on tub caulking only if their professionals install it. There are no prices listed for their tubs on their website. They make their tubs to fit the needs of each customer; hence, the price may vary.

For any inquiries, you can chat with a live agent on their website or call their customer support. Safe Step assures that they offer premium quality at a reasonable price. They provide discounts, particularly to veterans and those without Medicare or Medicaid. Financing is also available for these tubs.

Potential Health Benefits of a Safe Step Walk-In Tub

Soaking in warm water helps in relieve pain and fatigue.

Safe Step walk-in bathtubs include LED lights and aromatherapy compartments. Both chromotherapy and aromatherapy cause relaxation when taking baths. Studies show that these forms of therapy can improve a person’s physical and mental state.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

How long is the guarantee on Safe Step walk-in tubs?

Safe Step provides a lifetime warranty on their walk-in tubs. The warranty applies to the door seal, faucets, water pumps, heaters, blowers, and labor.

What are the dimensions of a safe step walk-in tub?

The most popular Safe Step walk-in tub is 30 inches in height and 52 inches long. The smaller model is 38 inches wide. Smaller models, however, are not wheelchair accessible. You can also order a custom size for your bathroom.

Will Medicare cover the cost of my Safe Step walk-in tub?

Medicare does not cover walk-in bathtubs. In this case, Safe Step offers a “Helping Hands” discount and financing options.

Can I use a bubble bath in a safe step walk-in tub?

Safe Step does not recommend using oils or additives in their walk-in tubs. Nonetheless, you can put essential oils in the aromatherapy compartment.

Safe Step Conclusion

Safe Step walk-in tubs are made for the elderly and professional caregivers. The company handles everything from sizing, delivery, and installation, and will remove your old tub or shower during installation.. For assistance, check out their website or stop by one of their showrooms in the US and Canada.