Traditional Chesterfield 2 Seat Sofa

Even though we live in a modern world, there are still plenty of people who prefer traditional designs, especially when it comes to furniture. There’s something about this style that is very appealing and that prevents people from getting over them. It might be the elegance or it could be the cozyness. In the case of the Chesterfield sofa it’s probably both.

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This beautiful 3 seat sofa features a traditional design completed by the high quality leather upholstery. The sofa has been hand crafted in Italy with care and special attention to details. The traditional look is emphasized by the buttoning details that are typical to this particular style.

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The sofa is available in brown or black and its dimensions are W200 x H74 x D90cm, seat height: 45cm. In case you decide to add this beautiful piece to your décor, you can expect delivery in 6-8 weeks. You can buy the Chesterfield 3 seat sofa for £2,600.00. In case it seems too big for your home or if, on the contrary, you need some extra seats, you opt for the Chesterfield 2 seat sofa available for £2,200.00 and featuring a similar design. They’re both elegant pieces of furniture that would look beautiful in a traditional living room. The dark stain beech legs and the buttons are elegant and chic while the soft seat cushion does the rest of the work.