Tiny Steel And Glass Desert Shelter With Room For Only A Bed

Have you ever been in a place so beautiful you wish you could stay there longer? All you wanted then was a bed, four walls and a roof and that’s exactly what you would have gotten if you were to choose this tiny house. It’s a project created by a student and it’s called the Miner’s Shelter.

Cabin shelter west arizona3

Each year, students are assigned o create a temporary shelter in the desert near Taliesin and each year they come up with all sorts of interesting ideas. This one, however, stands out and inspires them year after year.

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For this interesting project, Frazee, the one who designed this whole thing, used the concrete ruins which were already existing there/ The stone chimney and the concrete walls were used as a base for this tiny structure. The actual shelter is a steel and glass box so small that there’s only room for a bed inside. The oxidized steel allows the tiny house to blend in and to become a part of the desert.

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Cabin shelter west arizona

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The Miner’s Shelter features glass sides and also a glass front door which provide lots of light during the day. During the night, the light comes from candles and oil lamps. Inside all you can find is a bed and a small shelf where candles can be placed. Although it’s very small, this shelter is also wonderfully creative.{found on archinect}.