The Sunday wall light and shelf

Sunday is a very interesting and very practical product that manages to combine looks and functionality in an innovative way. Sunday was designed by Frost Produkt in collaboration with Martina Carpelan in 2010. It’s a strange-looking product that is a combination of two different items. Sundat is botha wall light and a shelf. These two elements have been combined and the result was this simple and practical new piece.

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The wall light part from this piece can be lit using either a bulb or a candle. So depending on your mood you can choose one or even both if you feel the need to do so. Frost Produkt came up with this unusual design after being invited by the Norwegian design magazine Design Interiør to create a lamp within the timeframe of a week. The name was cleverly chosen as well.

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Sunday White wallView in gallery

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The Sunday lamp and shelf combination is very versatile item. You can use it as a bedside table where it will be very practical when you wish to read a book or when you need a subtle light. The fact that it can also be lit by a candle makes it even more versatile and it allows it to be sued in romantic situation. You can also use it on the hallway, in the dining room or everywhere you think it might be useful. The lamp is ingenious enough by itself and the combination with the shelf is just an extra touch of functionality. The body of the lamp is made of steel and it can be either black or white. It uses E27 bulbs, max 60 W 220V – 240V ~ 50Hz. It’s a simple and very practical item.