The Leash Sofa by Per Weiss

The Danish designer Per Weiss came up with the Leash Sofa which is part of Innovation’s 2010 “One Room Living” collection that they will exhibit at the upcoming 2010 IMM Cologne furnishing show in Germany. One of the most important furniture pieces in the living room is the sofa. The Leash Sofa will fit any modern room, for those who are locking for a sofa.

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It has a very minimal base, just enough to keep those puffy cushions in place. That’s because the accent is on comfort. Just by looking at it you can say it’s extremely comfortable and soft. And after you sit on it, those suspicions are confirmed. The sofa comes in several color tones, like light brown, white and dark grey. It’s a beautiful piece of furniture, comfy and with a modern touch.

The Leash Sofa by Per Weiss3

The Leash Sofa by Per Weiss1

It’s a simple piece that is indispensable for any living room. It’s the focal center in that room, the first thing that everyone is looking for when entering in there. So since it’s such an important piece, it’s only natural that you pay a little more attention when choosing it. You’ll want it to be first of all comfortable, but equally good-looking and interesting. In this case, I think the Leash Sofa might be just right for you.