The Green Stressless Windsor Collection

Flexible and comfortable, all the pieces from this collection are just what a living room needs. The Stressless Windsor collection was designed to offer comfort and it features several elements that make it unique. For example, all the pieces from this collection have individually reclinable seats. They also have a shape that follow the human body’s silhouette and thus provide maximum comfort.The patented glide function that all the pieces benefit from are designed to follow the body’s slightest movement and to provide perfect support and comfort.

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The Stressless Windsor furniture collection includes six different pieces. There are two types of 3 seat sofas. The one with a low back measures W204 x D82 x H87cm. It’s both comfortable and stylish. The version with a high back measures W204 x D82 x H103cm and shares the same design.The collection also includes a 2 seat low back sofa with the dimensions of W149 x D82 x H87cm. There’s also a high back version with the dimensions of W149 x D82 x H103cm.

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Also, there are two chairs. One is a low back chair and it measures W94 x D82 x H87cm and the other is a high back chair with the dimensions of W94 x D82 x H103cm. All the pieces share the same design. They are crafted from the same materials and present the same details and characteristics. They have steel frames, polyurethane foam pad suspension, super-soft polyester fiber cushions and individually reclining seats. They can be purchased either as a set or as individual pieces.The price it’s available on request.